Meanwhile, in Australia...

I call BS on that!

Totally spoofed image that is insulting to cyclists, just childish work of the knuckle dragging motorist lobby I expect.

Also love the inability to use any kind of grammar in the comment attributed to the supposed poster, Mr Patterson. Even in an Oz accent it is painful to say, he either needs to drop the 'today' or the 'this morning' from the sentence...… :whistle:


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It has certainly appeared in numerous places over the last day or 2. Can't pinpoint the source but the basic picture appears genuine, just the lower caption on the bus has been Photoshopped on.


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I looked at the site indicated by Gasman and saw another post about someone dropping tacks on cycle paths. Must be someone who works for Tannus.


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Doesn't bother me being called a dumb fark, wouldn't be the first or last time, so long as they look out for me I don't give a monkeys what they call me.
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