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Would you still have those regrets if you'd never seen the pictures?

Brompton Bruce

Coffeeeeeeeee pleeeeease
@postman - don't feel knocked back. You have two fabulous children, of whom, you can feel rightly proud. You are supportive to your family and friends. You have several old work colleagues that you keep an eye on and help when they need it. You did an essential job throughout your life until retirement beckoned. In my opinion the world needs more people like you.


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I have got to say i did not make the most of myself and i have regrets.
It's true you took a few wrong turnings and it's also true that you turned your life round when the opportunity came along and that you help others every day.

Thank goodness none of us are saints or pre-programmed machines. Who wants to be around one of them day in day out? :hugs:


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A lad I went to school with is a senior vice president at Mictosoft, drives an Aston Martin, and lives in a huge gaff on an island in the river Ouse.

He's still a bell end though.

Success can't be measured by money or possessions. Success is great memories, loved ones, friends who youd die to protect. Screw what anyone else thinks. My only regret is not making a career in the Army, reckon I could have make staff officer rank, but I don't lose sleep over it. If I hadn't taken the course I did I wouldn't have met the current Mrs D.
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