Messy bloody cyclists throwing their drinks containers...


Not me...
The tank, which is 27m high, ....
...bottle cage not big enough.

My guess is, it's a stray ex-Soviet missile with a live 100-megaton thermonuclear warhead still in place, primed and on a time-fuse ... set to detonate on ... (*looks at watch*)

See you, folks... ;)


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erm...rumbled again...oh well...I admit it...this was my lucosade energy drink container for the 145km day of my summer tour...these days I can eat 145km on just a single cornflake and a t spoon of water...but back then I was a 'beginner':rolleyes:


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is thought to have fallen from a ship

It's the inner bit of a toilet roll holder.. you know, with springy bits at each end to keep it in place. They expand on contact with seawater.
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