Met police targeting bike theft


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A 30-strong Police Cycle Task Force hits the streets of London today.

The Cycle Task Force is funded by TfL and forms part of the Metropolitan Police Service’s Safer Transport Command team. It will patrol London’s streets by bike, investigating and tackling cycle theft and criminal damage to bicycles. Alongside local Safer Transport Teams, the new team will also run sessions on bike marking and registration and give London’s cyclists advice on how to lock up their bikes securely in order to deter theft.

The Mayor has promised Londoners a cycle revolution in the Capital and the new policing team will support a draft Cycle Security Plan that details how increased police action will target cycle theft and vandalism, as well as:

• Tackling organised cycle theft through proactive investigations and operations
• Disrupting the trade of stolen second-hand bikes and bicycle parts through working with online websites such as eBay, and running undercover operations and high visibility patrols in hot spot areas
• Targeting bike theft and the handling of stolen bicycles through covert investigation
• Working with cycle user groups and local authorities to participate in a range of London cycle events and initiatives to promote cycle security and reduce cycle theft
• Providing 66,000 additional cycle parking spaces across the Capital by 2012 as well as introducing measures such as CCTV and better lighting at cycle parking locations to help prevent theft and deter criminal behaviour

TfL is also working with manufacturers, retailers and other partners to introduce a code of practice to encourage second hand cycle retailers and internet vendors to follow new guidelines before selling a second hand bicycle. Plans to establish one single database to record details of all marked bikes in London are underway and this will help police and retailers identify and verify the legitimate owner of bikes that have been stolen or are being resold.


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