Michelin Orium / Dynamic Tyres 23mm

Discussion in 'Shopping, Services, Offers and Reviews' started by yenrod, 27 May 2008.

  1. yenrod

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    I got the Dynamics on the bike stock (offthepeg) and at first really good training tyre - get it in a bigger version than the 23mm I had and you could easily tour on it. THEN when it started to wear I got lots and lots of punctures.

    Still, I chaingang'd them and they're quite fast too, pretty ok grippy but could give a bit in the wet.

    They are really cheap BUT not a bad buy really for the price.

    ONTO the Oriums

    They're are soo similiar to the Dynamics that I wonder why Michelin made both or maybe one was to replace the other ????

    I find the Oriums (which I'm currently riding) slightly more slippier than the Dynamics in the wet - in the dry; both, no worries.

    With the Oriums you can get them in various colours which feature on the -outer edges of the tyre, if thats for you :sad:

    I'd personally recommend the Oriums over the Dynamics as a training tyre, a general tyre - pretty good for most things really.

    I felt the Dynamics where a tourers type of tyre that could be ridden over massive distances...and hold up/perform really well.
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