Mickle's tip of the - Season to be Jolly: Wheel truing.

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by mickle, 6 Dec 2011.

  1. DooDah

    DooDah Über Member

    Hi Mickle,

    I too am after a decent spoke key to try to true a wheel. Your link does not work, but is there one on say Wiggle, CRC or Evans that you would recommend. Thanks.
  2. OP

    mickle FFS

    nipple key.jpg
  3. DooDah

    DooDah Über Member

  4. Andrew_Culture

    Andrew_Culture Internet Marketing bod

    Is it sad to admit that I kinda miss wheel truing now that none of my wheels need it?
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  5. Shut Up Legs

    Shut Up Legs Down Under Member

    A question: how common is it for spoke holes in rims to be perfectly centred, i.e. not alternating between both sides of the rim? It looks like the spoke holes in the DT Swiss TK540 touring rims I just bought are the former, i.e. centred.
  6. simonplatt

    simonplatt Active Member

    good video that, i notice that he didn't mention getting the tensions right. i haven't done many yet, but i tend to look first for loose or broken spokes, then follow the method suggested. on completion i hold a piece of card or similar against the spokes, each side in turn which 'sounds' the tune of the spokes, i believe the vibration also removes any 'twist' in the spokes by loosening them slightly, so i check again for true and repeat the process until they all sound pretty much the same and stay in true.
  7. simonplatt

    simonplatt Active Member

    prompted me to get a better spoke key, i have a dozen or so multi gauge, so want some single gauge ie; 13. 14. 15 mainly the latter 2 which i most use, but they seem not to use gauges now they are either in mm or 'euro' size.
  8. Sterba

    Sterba Active Member

    London W3
    I have found the Park Tools spoke key, a triangular item, to be very effective, its sizing is nice and tight so that it doesn't make the nipples round when you have to turn hard (because you didn't give the WD40 enough time to work its way through the thread)
  9. fabregas485

    fabregas485 Well-Known Member

    I replaced the tyres on my bike, and it sounds as if either the front or rear wheel wants to bend. It was fine before changing the tyres. Could it just be the tyres being worked in? (They are schwalbe durano plus)

    Spokes need tightening maybe?
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  10. PpPete

    PpPete Guru

    Chandler's Ford
    I don't know how a wheel sounds when it wants to bend.
    Nor do I really understand the concept of a tyre being "worked in"

    My guess is that the spokes would have to be catastrophically loose if fitting a tyre was going to affect the trueness.
  11. fabregas485

    fabregas485 Well-Known Member

    Got the bike out yesterday, and the front and rear spokes had all loosened to the point the wheel was not true. Adjusted the spokes after watching a how to video and both wheels are now true :biggrin:
  12. psychology

    psychology Regular

    Well, great article, I have printed it out as i have to true my front wheel this weekend. Wish me luck:eek:
  13. fabregas485

    fabregas485 Well-Known Member

    I feared truing my front wheel (and rear while I was at it) and it was a breeze. If you use your brake pads as a guide, you can see where the wheel is out of line and you can tighten/loosen it into the correct direction.
  14. kipster

    kipster Veteran

    Wish I had read this before building a wheel with a new front hub. I got the wheel straight but it has a very slight flat spot. Serves me right for not researching it properly.
  15. sreten

    sreten Well-Known Member

    Brighton, UK

    My very amateur method for very budget wheels :

    1) Go round the wheel using the pluck test and tighten loose spokes, loosen tight
    spokes. Don't be precious, just fix the worst near the same as the others.
    On the rear do each side separately as each side is differently tensioned.

    2) Then look for any wheel wobble. If you have an area to adjust use the pluck
    test to decide whether to tighten one side or loosen the other for the same effect.

    3) Don't try and get you budget wheels very true, get them near and tensioned fairly even.
    I assume the more evenly tensioned they are the more they will stay where they are.

    They seem to ride better with more even tension, and minor wobble is not an issue.

    My plan, at the first attempt was to adjust the miminum number of spokes,
    and fix a clear wobble in the rear wheel, pretty much managed both.

    rgds, sreten.
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