Might have caught someone in the act of nicking my bike


Market Rasen
Wanted some shopping, and as I didn't need a lot, I thought I would do my bit for the environment and cycle down to the local Tesco.
I locked my bike up and went in to get my stuff.
When I came out again, I noticed two young lads stood near my bike. I didn't give them any clues that it was my bike, and observed them from a short distance away. One lad was doing what can only be described as "fiddling with the lock".
I observed for a bit longer and I could just hear that they were discussing the merits of the lock, and saying how much effort it would take to get it off.
It was then that I made my move. I walked up and asked what they thought they were doing with my bike.
Their explanation was that they were looking at my lock as they liked it and wanted to know where I got it from.
I told them that I thought that they were thinking of trying to nick my bike. They denied it, and told me to prove it. I unlocked the bike and told them to piss off and rode home. Maybe they were innocent as they did not have any obvious tools on them to remove the lock.
Whatya reckon?
Citizen's arrest would have been in order!

No-one's interested in a lock on a decent bike!
Gixxerman said:
Decent Oxford cable lock in nice shade of purple.
So they fancied their chances with a cable lock...I remember in 1985 (I remember where I was working at the time) I left my bike locked up at Walthamstow Central Station...when I got back someone was trying to cut through my cable locks(s) I had two and he had got through one before I disturbed him...I only use cable locks with a backup Ulock now.


Market Rasen
hackbike 666 said:
when I got back someone was trying to cut through my cable locks(s) I had two and he had got through one before I disturbed him
I hope you beat him into a pulp then. I would have.

hackbike 666 said:
I only use cable locks with a backup Ulock now.
I don't need anything better as I don't leave it locked up in public for any length of time. I am usually riding it or it is locked in the garage. I only got the lock for securing it when going into shops / cafes etc. If I was leaving it locked up for long periods I would have bought a much more robust article. The cable lock suits my needs.


I've seen things you people wouldn't believe
Cable locks won't withstand a decent set of bolt croppers.
A few of us on here have lost bikes that way...

Gerry Attrick

Lincolnshire Mountain Rescue Consultant
twentysix by twentyfive said:
Best deterrent is a cr&ppy looking unfashionable bike. I've never had problems with one like that and don't have a lock.
+1. I have a dedicated "pub bike", an ancient Dawes Shadow which is so out of fashion, a similar example was unearthed which had been used by the Roman army of occupation. I have never locked it outside my local, and I still have it after ten years.
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