Might need to buy a car. [insurance question]

I'm trying to change jobs at the moment, and when I'm successful the chances are I'll need to buy a car.

I used to have full no claims but haven't held my own insurance for around 8 years, so that's gone :cry:

In all that time I have driven company vehicles and been a named driver on the MIL's policy too.

I've got no accidents claims or convictions, I passed my car test in 1991 and I'm a qualified HGV licence holder as well.

My worry is the insurance companies treating me as a new driver despite my experience, just because they can.

So has anyone here become a car owner again after several years away, and if so do you have any tips on getting 'fair' insurance in line with my actual driving experience and qualifications?

Any help much appreciated.

TIA :okay:
After two years you lose any NCB but, a letter from your company insurance might get you some discount.


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Does your current employer have an HR/admin person who could deal with this sort of thing without having to go to the boss directly?


I recall you only need to find out who the Co car insurance is with (ie your company could arrange it or it might all be via the lease company) and the new provider will do the rest to satisfy the themselves you haven had a claim or accident with them.
Mrs Skol got some introductory ncd when she went from company to privare car by producig written confirmation from her employer that she had had a company vehicle for Xyrs and hadn't had any at fault incidents (there was one quite big bump, but that was squarely the other parties fault).
It would be best if you can get similar from your current employer. I'm not sure they can withhold such information, as it is simple factual records and not opinion or recomendation?


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Does your current employer have an HR/admin person who could deal with this sort of thing without having to go to the boss directly?

er no :thumbsdown:


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Thanks for the replies so far.

TBH I've been getting some quotes off of comparison sites over the weekend, (sorry @vickster), but only for their convenience at this stage, yet TBH I've been pleasantly surprised up to now.

I suspected I'd have my pants pulled all the way down, but I'd say they only got to mid thigh at best ;)

@midlife I did try to ring Keith Michaels but they where closed on Saturday. I'll ring them again this week and see what they can do :okay:

Thanks again :okay:


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Talk to a broker. Don’t bother with price comparison sites at this point
I've used Gary Moulson at Keith Michaels Insurance brokers
Quick update. Price comparison sites have proved surprisingly good.

Never the less, I spoke to Keith Michaels today, (not saying any names but to be fair I didn't speak to Gary Moulson). I told them my situation, yep we can help with that, went though the quote scenario, yep I can definitely match your best price thus far, ok all sounding good.

Left it with me as I was viewing the car this afternoon. Like the car, rang back this afternoon to nail the quote down, told to leave it with him, they rang me back about an hour later, sorry can't do it, or more precisely can't get anywhere near the price comparison quotes, (2/3's more expensive!).

So it just goes to show what benefits one doesn't always benefit another.

Thanks for the input anyway folks :cheers:
Yep, I used to solely use brokers but stopped some years ago when the market changed as they were no longer competitive. Comparison sites are far better these days and you get a free meerkat :whistle:
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