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I've had a few posts made invisible until approved lately.

What's with that ?
Either you've been a bit naughty or the thread is a bit sensitive so any posts are 'vetted' before entering the public domain, I've had a few posts not appear until they've been approved.


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Lol no never did anything wrong.

Second time it's happened though. Do mods not answer on here ?


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It happened again right now.
The cap wearing thread was being derailed into a helmet debate so I asked the guy to stay on track and take the helmet discussion into a helmet thread.
It was removed (not allowed to be posted)
I then answered on the thread and my post is awaiting moderation.

Tht''s not on, at all.
I'd really like a moderator to justify this on this thread please.
A forum with no discussion is not a forum, it's a personal site owners blog.

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Hi @Brads

Firstly, allow me to refer you to the site FAQs about moderation discussion in public:

The posts you are referring to were as far as I can see made in the "Is there a stigma to only wear a cap?" thread. Unfortunately the nature of the question posed meant that it very quickly turned into a cap vs helmet debate so was moved to the helmet discussion section.

Because the membership hold such strong views on whether or not one should wear a helmet these debates have in the past almost always ended up getting personal. To take the edge off it the site owner decided some years ago that all helmet discussion posts (not just yours) would be moderated and have to be approved before appearing, as explained here:

Since the moderators are volunteers with a life outside CycleChat, messages may not be approved straight away and you may not get instant answers to questions posted in here.

If you wish to start a thread about cycling caps that is not about whether they should be chosen in favour of a helmet, then feel free. I suggest General Cycling Discussions if talking about favourite designs/aesthetics and so forth, or Components, Accessories and Clothing if talking about purchasing advice.

Locking this now.
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