Modern handle bars-bit harder to get brackets to fit.

I had the flat bar road bike converted to drops recently. Same diameter bars as B`twin 540.

When looking around for accessories like a bell or light with a large enough bracket, it is as though manufacturers have not caught up yet.

There are some accessories with “oversize” brackets as I have seen items described. I got a B`twin bell at the weekend. It’s described on the packet as oversize. The bracket seems large enough, but because it has a short screw it does not fit! I can get a longer screw out of my garage but I shouldn’t need to at £4 quid for a bell. I’m going to return it as it seems poor quality on closer examination.

There are lot of bells online but the description rarely seems to mention bar diameter that the bracket will fit up to. I just want a bog standard bell that fits the bike, how hard can that be? :laugh:

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Look for bells that mention oversize (which is how many 31.8mm bars are described these days), or look for one that mounts on the steerer.

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I have the same problem with bells, none of the ones I like fits my bars.
For front lights, nowadays I only use the ones from the CatEye range, because their fitting ... fits 😄


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I deliberately bought a 26mm bar for this reason. There's also the theory that a thinner bar will flex more so giving some degree of suspension.
Old size bars are nicer looking too I think. Everything these days seems to be getting fatter...frame tubes, wheels, bars, riders (cough) :laugh:.
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