Money for nothing..just take the bike

Sunday and slobbing out in front of the telly. “Money for nothing” is on,: if you haven’t seen the programme, the presenter rummages around at a Council tip to find three random objects, these are then given to bearded artisans to repurpose and flog to hipsters.

Anyway, today rather than pick up the red Raleigh? Roadster From the skip (and it even had a 60s style white saddle bag) an old field telephone was picked. Lots of faffing about and adding new electronics (so adding to future landfill) they made £50 profit. The bike would probably have made more with only a fraction of the faff.


I reckon they could have kept their 50 quid for me and I would have taken the roadster for a ride. :okay:


I find it difficult to take these sort of programmes too seriously. If the name of the game is a quick profit, then obviously you go for whatever object needs the least amount of work/money spending on it, but has some resale value. However, flipping an old skip roadster "as-is" without faffing around and making a big deal of it, would not give the bearded artisans anything to do, and would not make the sort of TV they want. Also, the hipsters might turn their noses up at a mere gas pipe frame, because it isn't 531.


But aren't they all like wheeler dealer when if you took in the real costs they would never make it as a business
In that antique flipping competition, they spend lots on petrol touring antique retaillers, probably have to spend the night in a B&B, pick something at retail price then sell at auction.

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I know in the States, many of these "reality" Tv shows were shown to have a lot of items placed in the show, just to make a wow factor. Shows like the one where people bid on storage lockers, only to find priceless items within, are quite fictional, compared to the reality. Which is :
1 Stand around waiting for the auctioneer to get there, because auctioneers are always late.
2 Wait through several lockers that have little in them except bad clothing and roaches and old cardboard.
3 Get outbid on anything you may find interesting and appealing, because everyone else does as well.
I used to find that city and government auctions were profitable, so, of course, they took that all online. That wasn't profitable, either. So now all unclaimed bicycles get turned over to charity, at least locally.
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