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Most popular Raleigh bike of 2017

Discussion in 'Electric Bikes' started by Cycleops, 13 Dec 2017.

  1. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Guru

    I suspect that is what it does mean, ebikes being generally more expensive than push bikes.

    All the figures are fairly broad estimates, but there's no doubt the growth area is ebikes.

    About five years ago the only ebike I saw on my travels was the one I was riding, now I see an ebike or two on most rides.

    Last time I was in the Lake District there was almost as many ebikes around Windermere as push bikes.
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  2. I just thought that the infrequency with which I see ebikes suggested that the 10% figure was high. But I gave it a bit of thought.

    If (for the sake of easy calculation) ebikes are twice as expensive as ordinary bikes, and account for 10% of the market then one in 19 new bikes is an ebike. And if, say 1 in 10 of the bikes that I see was bought in the last year, and no ebikes were sold before, then 1 in 190 bikes that I see would be an ebike.

    So 10% of the market doesn't necessarily equate to seeing them all that often (even if my guesses and assumptions above are way off)

    Given that we're in the early stages of rolling out electric car charging points, I wonder is any thought being given to the possibility of recharging bicycles? This would be a matter of the bicycle manufacturers adapting to whatever the standards on the car points are I would guess. It would be a real shame to miss the opportunity to tap into the automotive infrastructure.
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  3. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Guru

    I agree Doggers, ebikes are not as visible as the figures suggest they should be.

    The estimates are just that, and there's no doubt makers are keen to put a positive spin on sales because ebikes are their only growth area, and handily are also high ticket.

    Outside charging is a thought, although I'm not sure if it is needed.

    The lumpy down tube or carrier batteries you will have seen on ebikes give a range of roughly 40 to 50 miles - enough for the majority of users.

    Charging after every ride is not such a problem because, like push bike rides, the majority of journeys begin and end at home with an overnight gap in between.
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