I have done most of my mileage this year in April and with the weather as it is I am finding extremely difficult to motivate myself to go out on my bike.

I don't commute by bike and go for bike rides for leisure and fitness.

I just haven't been able to win this year because when the weather finally eases up I don't feel well enough to go for bike rides and when I feel OK it is raining I just can't win.

Just having a rant.

PS what happened to summer



Oaf on a Bike
Its been terrible for those of us fair weather cyclists. My mileage was increasing well in March, i got my tshirt tan early which is now fading! and since then ive hardly done any rides over 20 miles and have swapped out some of my cycling time for running because I quite like running in the rain :crazy:

We'll probably get some weird freakishly hot autumn or something though... hopefully ;)
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