Moulton TSR 30 (when size DOES matter)


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Hello, I have just got a Moulton TSR-30 and being more of the silver than carbon black persuasion I would like to replace some of the parts, but am not entirely sure of the right sizes I need. Even the Moulton web site only shows the part's name and when I go to the manufacturers website I have found they do some of the parts in different sizes.

Please would someone tell me:
• Diameter of seat post?
• Diameter of headset spacers needed (I think they are 1 inch)?
• Diameter of handlebars
(please say 26.0mm, as I have a liking for Nitto Noodles)
•Will normal road size Quick Release skewers fit?

Thank you.


Quick answer is to phone Pashley at Stratford-upon-Avon as they build Moultons under licence (all except the crazy-price Ti frames) - they'll have chapter and verse on specs.

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