mounting a rack using the qr skewer


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my commuter is a road bike with no mounting points for racks or 'guards.

i could use p-clips for connecting the rack to the seat stays, but i'm not sure that arrangement would work for the bottom end.

i was idly wondering whether the rack could be mounted by putting the rear quick-release skewer through the mounting points.

is it safe, and has anyone done it?


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You might get away with doing that with mudguards, but I think, for a rack, that p-clips would be safer. The extra weight of a rack and the thickness of the rack legs would be a problem, and then what happens when you puncture and have to change a tyre?


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I bought a bontrager rack specifically for a roadie with no mounting points. Puts an arm into the rear brake assembly and replaces the rear wheel QR skewer with a longer one that encompasses the bottom end of the rack too - the rack had adaptors to extend its legs down to meet it. Its quite a narrow profile rack so doesn't look too Frankenbike and once put together is very solid and doesn't affect brake performance or the rear wheel at all. Only tiny niggle is remembering to pull the QR skewer out to remove the rear wheel.

I got it from Bicycle Doctor in Manchester at their recommendation.


The dropout plates are serrated on mine both sides *
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I wouldnt use the skewer. If anything goes wrong, the only thing that can happen is that you can lose a wheel and then you are really screwed.
A standard skewer is a no no.

In the order of assembly, the only place for the carrier leg would be outside the dropout.

This would impair the operation of the skewer's serrated locking ring.
A seat stay mounted rack is an option.

It's a bit of a contraption, but supposedly works on the front forks as well.


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Personally, I'd get a 3 point mounting rack, use P clips at the bottom and the brake bolt at the top. But I'd be wary of carrying much stuff on it.
Or would a biggish saddlebag suit?
I used to have a mountain bike which had no mounting points for my rack. We even toured on it as well as it being my commuter bike (I commuted across country on muddy bridleways). The rack was on the bike for well over a year without any issues. It was a pain changing a flat tyre though because you had to take the skewer off which left the task hanging by the p clips and then you had to line everything back up again before being able to get the skewer back on. I used an old man mountain rack as linked above but purchased from Carradice of Nelson.

I think it was the red rock rear pannier rack I had, but i can't see that on their site anymore. The best alternative would be the Sherpa or pioneer racks which come with a suitable skewer and p clips. I'm not certain if they are road bike compatible but from experience of these racks they have very good clearances but mine lacked the ability to mount a rear light on it which meant I had to improvise a little. They are also not cheap racks.
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