Mr Hippo, pedantry and other general moans

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I don't like anything cross threaded and this is a spin off from the royalty thread. I assume that we are all cyclists, our ages possibly range from mid teens to mid 70's, we are from all levels of society and educational standards.
From the 'What do we need the monarchy for?' thread:-
Canrider said:
Could we (at the risk of eliminating most tools of argumentation from hippo's utility belt) perhaps have a moratorium on spelling and grammar flames?
Was I flaming or was it the internet equivalent of a riposte? It was the latter! Did Canrider not see rich p's correction of 'cant' in the thread 'Why cant women'? If he did, why didn't he accuse rich p of flaming?
There are many different reasons for spelling mistakes from dyslexia through laziness to sheer bloody-mindedness ('It's only the internet so it doesn't matter!) and that does not include those damn typos that always seem to creep in.
There is a spell check facility here but it won't help us with the homonyms - words that sound alike such as brake and break.
I do not have the time to proof-read and correct posts and why should I? I do not know a poster's background and it would be impolite to correct their spelling.
There are many interesting threads that have a lot of mileage in them but why do some posters seem to take delight in hurling insults? If you can't reasonably debate a topic then don't contribute.

So in the best Looney Tunes tradition - "That's All Folks!"

Mr Hippo O.F.& L.L. (UOL Hons.)


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It tends to happen when someone isnt doing too well in a debate too:biggrin:

Big Bren

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It's an internet message board fact that flaming your opponents spelling and grammar is the final weapon in the arsenal of the desperate; when you do that, you have already been pwnd.

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