mud guards for 25m wheels...

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...anyone know of a decent set of guards which will work well with 25mm tyres?....a lot of the one's i find seem to be 23mm and i dont want to buy a pair only to find they dont flippin fit!!!


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If thats your bike in your avatar you will be hard pushed to find normal guards that will fit with.

There are clip on ones, or crud road racers. The problem isnt so much the tyre size, but the tyre to brake-bridge clearence.

Nice choice of bike, by the way!
hero of valour

hero of valour

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Because it wouldn't fit with them the normal way round - reversing the stays pulled the top out a bit and allowed 25mm tyres supplied on the Secteur to fit.
ok thanks mate. was it difficult to reverse the stays? i really need to get myself a pair for the winter - along with trousers, thermal socks, buff, undergarment and a load of other stuff ive probably forgotten!


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No - they may fit yours, but I simply fitted them the other way round when fitting the mudguards.
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