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I think I might have used that. Is it part of NCN78?

It is indeed.
Cool and occasionally sunny here chez Casa Reynard, after some rain overnight.

Slept well. I have had a kitchen morning, and the crockpot is locked and loaded with tonight's supper. Pasta sauce is a wonderful way to use up random tired vegetables, oddments in the fridge and that dented can of chopped tomatoes that I bought the other day.

I have also got most of my gubbins ready for tomorrow. Laptop will go into the bag at the last moment, but scanner, clipboard, a goodly supply of paper, my cat show pencil case which is full of pens, pencils, highlighters and the like, and my reading glasses. Irritatingly, the heffalumps have turned up nearly a week early, which throws a spanner into the works. So my mate will have to deal with me when I'm achey, bloated and grumpy. I do hope he'll bring a suitable supply of chocolate...

Anyways, it is almost time for luncheon.
Did they miss the "Tiger" bit out ? :whistle:

Almost! A Bengal cat is a wild-domestic hybrid, with the wild bit (and the stunning coat patterns) coming from the Asiatic Leopard cat. Most pet Bengals are either F4 or F5, the direct hybrids are not terribly tractable and are for experienced owners only. You've also got the Toyger, which is basically a Bengal cat wearing a striped as opposed to a spotted or marbled coat.

There are other breeds e.g. Savannah and Chausie that are also wild-domestic hybrids, but they're not recognised by the GCCF, which is the primary registry body in the UK. Others like TICA, FiFe and WCF do.

Me personally? I don't really agree with the policy. Although to be fair, the foundation cats that became the Bengal breed were part of a study in the late 1970s / early 1980s to bring immunity against Feline Leukaemia into the domestic population, as the Asiatic Leopard Cat is naturally immune to the disease. The project was canned after a vaccine was developed, and a local cat breeder took on the cats herself rather than seeing them PTS.


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How do I complain to the BBC that the coverage was interrupted by breaking news, twice in quick succession? The second "breaking news" was about "Top Gear" being paused. :scratch:

Who the :cursing::cursing: edits these news programmes? That surely could have waited half an hour when it was relegated to the fifth item on the Lunchtime News.


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Thank you for that link.

There is a message on the screen telling to scan the QR code, or download the app. I would just like to sit in the comfort of my armchair and listen to (and watch) parts of the inquiry. I am very interested in Professor Witty's version of events.

Using the official live link via inquiry website i found to be better. The BBC page is all over the place.


Very final days work on the office 4th floor completed; locker emptied into one very full rucksack for future lockerless working on the 2nd floor. Wonders how long that will last, seems a number of have however waved the white flag and bought a small Bluetooth keyboard to cart around with their laptop.
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