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Has the memory of a goldfish
They just picked my car up for its annual service & MOT. Oh joy... more expense.
I was right. It needed 4 new glow plugs. Total cost for service, MOT and the plugs... £400.

AND they only had two in stock, so they ordered the other two and phoned me to say I won't get it back today. My cup of misery runneth over... :sad:
Probably shouldn't point out that it's sunny and 25° here. So I won't.
I like doing that but I'm lucky if I can get near that section in our Tesco branch. Always a crowd of folks elbowing each other out of the way. Sometimes I'm lucky though.
Only me and two other regulars tonight - one of whom I haven't seen for a few months and who came sans husband. It's been very quiet for final reductions of late.

Although there's a lot less going into final reductions than there used to be, and the reductions aren't as generous as they have been either, but there's always something to be had. Having said that, another Tesco I sometimes go to, it's a bloomin bun fight - you definitely don't get between the Indian ladies and the fruit and veg. You WILL be flattened.

Picked up what I was looking for, more or less. I wouldn't have minded a tray of the burgers, but on the flip side, I'm happy with a large pack of sausages and some fish for the furry twosome. Plus an acceptable - if limited - selection of fruit and veg and some pastries from the bakery.

I'll probably toddle off to the market on Thursday as some of the veg I had been looking at (full price) didn't look terribly appealing.
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