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Lovely day stewarding at the Tabby & Lilac Point Siamese show. Had some fabby kitty cuddles - and an earful of obscenities from a lilac Burmese.

Good lunch too - the Siamese clubs always seem to lay on a nice spread. :hungry:

Just plan on having a nice quiet evening.


Midlands UK
Got stung twice by the same wasp after it got trapped in my top whilst on a ride. hurt for quite a while and the marks stayed for months. Nearly crashed the car the other day when one suddenly started flying round the cabin. Who likes them?
Try vinegar on that. The acidity of the vinegar counteracts the alkalinity of the wasp venom. Opposite for bees, as they have acidic venom.
We were in the pub for a bite of dinner, whilst waiting I moved my hair away from my face and felt something-then I felt the sting-wowee I have never felt anything like it before. We ate dinner, came home and my husband removed the sting from my shoulder then smothered it in Savlon antiseptic cream. It feels better-no reaction-but it is still sore.
Yes I heard vinegar was good but who wants to smell like a chippy :laugh:
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