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I cleaned the inside of my car today. It's not worth doing anything with the outside as it's covered in Saharan sand..
Honda Oasis?
Just use a knife, but remember how hard blood is to remove
I managed to peel it off without any damage. Whew. But I still need to remove the glue from my fingers. :blush:
Conditioner, or try sanding it off.
It does peel off after a while, fortunately. The peril of superglue and working with fairly small, fiddly parts.

At least I now have a plausible prototype. The real test is whether I can drill the fine hole needed in each of the two ends that mount to the chassis without any breakage.

If I can do that, then I can laminate the appropriate pegs into the chassis. If I can't, then I will have to have another think.
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