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Fair enough, but if you try to fix her up then there is pressure for success. FWIW I believe if she is happy with herself and her independence then she will attract the right kind of bloke without trying.

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Another big storm, this time with hail round about me.But not here. I used the storm free time to get things from the store, more garage cleaning and removals, and prescription pick up for Mrs. GA, as well as a trip to the building center for sunflower seeds. I also walked the dogs, but we heard thunder the whole way round. Quite severe weather, hopefully it will be nice at the weekend for the pancake breakfast at the volunteer fire dept .


Midlands UK
TVC is still in bed very poorly.


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Get well soon TVC! If you are feeling bored you could take part in the flu survey which I've now been doing for the last few years. I've no idea whether the data is of tremendous use but just in case it is useful I fill it in each week, very quick if you are well. I only usually have to fill in the ill details a couple of times in the winter.
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