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Has anyone cycled the Munich to Venice route?
I am thinking that I might have ago next year . Having cycled through Austria the last two years I want to do an area not done before. I have seen a few Youtube clips on this route but they are not overly helpful.
Any thoughts and comments would be welcomed
I've cycled to both - but not from one to the other.
I took the Alpe Adria radweg from Salzburg to Grado - wonderful ride, easy navigation, although campsites were a bit spaced out.
From Grado I made my own way to Venice, more difficult to follow a bike route, then onwards to Verona, more issues with a cycle route and then across the Brenner pass to Innsbruck and back to Salzburg.

Italy was great for cycling even if the onroad bike routes were poorly signposted. Lots of respect on the roads, but in the towns the drivers saw me as a target! ^_^ will show you possible routes and other supplementary info.

In case you don't already know you can't bring your bike into Venice itself. I used a campsite outside the city - packed with backpackers (they have lots of cabins). There was a bus service into Venice itself from right outside. I was there in late September and found everywhere in Italy to be overrun with tourists - not my cup of tea. I loved Munich, nicely laid back city, but again I was there in the off season.

Good luck!


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Hi HobbesOn Tour
Thanks for the very good reply. I know you cannot take a bike into Venice. That's no problem. I clicked on the Biroto site not realising that I had already joined last year and had completely forgotten about it. It is a very good site indeed.
I met a few riders last year whilst I was in Austria doing the Alpe Adria route. Certainly a thought.
Thanks very much


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I‘m familiar with the section through the North of the Dolomites. It’s nice cycling a mix of dedicated cycle ways and quiet enough roads. The dedicated cycleways do contain light gravel but any bike without skinny tyres would be fine. There was a counter near Brunico that showed number of riders passing that year and numbers that day. I took a picture so could dig it out to give an idea.


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Thank you very much for introducing me to Suzanne's site. What a lovely and inspiring couple that are. Have thoroughly enjoyed reading their journals. I have done a fair bit of their routes on my own and also with my wife on the Danube and the river Inn. Her images just lure me back to those lovely mountains. Now in our 70s we too have ebikes but have yet to tour on them. But we will.
Again thanks.
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