Muppets a go go tonite

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by swee'pea99, 21 Apr 2010.

  1. swee'pea99

    swee'pea99 Legendary Member

    Don't know what it was, but the buggers were everywhere tonight. Stupid, dangerous, inconsiderate tosspots all the way home. Is it the sun brings them out...?
  2. ianrauk

    ianrauk Tattooed Beat Messiah

    Atop a Ti
    cars, lorries, busses, taxis, peds or other cyclists? Or all....
  3. Tynan

    Tynan Veteran


    three grade one deserved to die peds wandering stright out with not so much as a glance, I scared the shoot out of two of them at least

    and at least three bits of appalling inconsiderate driving that could and even should have caused accidents

    not bad for a 40 minute ride
  4. OP

    swee'pea99 Legendary Member

    Three cyclists, two peds, one car. 25 mins. I was glad to get home in one piece.
  5. Rykard

    Rykard Veteran

    I drove down to london on Tuesday (m1), just tootling along at 70. The amount of bad , dangerous, driving I saw was unbelievable. How these people don't kill themseles or others I don't know. It was generally cars and vans.. makes me glad I don't do that journey that much now. More traffic police needed to get these people off the roads.
  6. Echolalia

    Echolalia Senior Member

    Or leave the road behind!
  7. HaloJ

    HaloJ Rabid cycle nut

    Seems I had all the nice people. Got two hazzard flashes for letting a buses out. I was let out of a junction and protected going up a hill by a refuse truck who pipped and waved when I moved to the side at the top to let him past. I had friendly waves from other cyclists, a good night from another as he peeled off my route and even a motorcyclist chatting to me at lights. All in all a rather pleasant commute home. ;)
  8. everything about this post makes me want to ride just like you Halo.

    sorry if that sound patronizing, there is no other way to say it.:smile:

    I suspect the roads had the same drivers as everyone else, but YOU...or your attitude ( letting busses out, pipped and waved WHEN I MOVED OVER... I MOVED to the side) was the differential.

    I think the warm weather may be diluting my testosterone,!! praising peoples considerate attitudes, posting poetry, whatever next...I'll be getting my legs waxed soon no doubt!!;)...(ducks)
  9. Theseus

    Theseus .

    No need to resort to that kind of thing.
  10. HaloJ

    HaloJ Rabid cycle nut

    ;) thanks Johnny.

    The buses, I've no quarms about pulling out into a position to block the traffic behind me to let them pull out. I do ride as a vehicle in the centre of the carriage way when commuting but then traffic in London doesn't often go above 20mph. I also wave thanks a lot, which I think another user recently mentioned they did as well.

    The refuse truck that let me out was great and I powered it up (14mph) the second section of Hamstead Hill. He pipped probably to say thanks to putting in a visible effort and also thanks for me pulling into a little leeway and letting the 4 trailing vehicles past.

    The other was coming down the final stretch which I use as a sprint. Knackering to keep the pace high but I take primary and hit about 35mph. There are a smattering of parked cars and traffic islands to pass. Generally when it's safe I'll move over and wave a vehicle past if I can no longer keep that pace.

    It does go the other way as well. Doing 25 on a section this morning, in primary, keeping pace with the traffic in front, leaving enough room to stop and over taking another cyclist. A silly nutter in a BMW decides they want to be in my stopping area. She overtook in the opersite lane, on a right hand bend, powered past me, pulled in and slammed the brakes on. Needless to say I was rather vocal. To the extent that I later rode alongside the other cyclist and apologised for my outburst.

    Utterly gutted that last nights commute wasn't recorded as I forgot to clear down my SD card which also smegged me up reporting the above nutter for bad driving.

    EDIT: sorry for the big post. I've become a bit of a cycling bore recently according to work. :smile:
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