My 1st recumbent ride outdoors


So last week my 1st ride outside on my Performer trike went like this:

13 mph average, down from DF pace of about 16, but speed was not my aim.
6 horses spooked (I have a lot of experience passing without issue normally)
3 kids nearly falling off their scooters to see what I was
Some unexpected pedal steer
Most cars passed way wider than normal.

I have made the following changes to see if things improve next time.

Lowered the tyre pressures a bit.
Double checked frame alignment
Reset front wheel alignment. Small toe-in set.
Checked steerers are both suitably tight

Having said all the above, I believe the body position is certainly not making my back any worse and maybe even improving it, but early days. Set up on the turbo trainer it's providing some comfortable workouts.


Sounds about normal for a first ride .... ^_^

Hands off a trike doesn't turn as you expect.
If you lean left on a bike then it will turn left and right for right.
But if you lean left on a trike then it will turn right and left for right.
It's most noticeable on an upwrong trike where when you lean into a camber then you automagically steer yourself into the ditch until you get used to it.
It's not so noticeable on a bent trike until the steering gets light at speed.

If you work to hard then you end up rocking your shoulders and/or hips.
Rocking your shoulders causes your hand to move unless you keep your arms very relaxed.
Rocking your hips shifts your weight side to side in the seat.
Both will cause the trike to snake a little.
So don't work so hard ....... :laugh:

Warning:- Don't over tighten the headsets thinking it will solve steering issues.
If they are over tight then the bearing will become notched and the trike will start to hunt for a line around a corner.
Been there, done that,new bearing needed.

Luck .......... ^_^
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I tried using my trike on a cheap Tacx “smart turbo” with Rouvy and Zwift last winter. Despite meticulously set up the right pressure of the roller on the tyre, it was extremely hard work and a pretty miserable experience. On the “flat” I could do 7mph at best and “uphill” I ground to a halt. I was using a turbo tyre. If you have any hints I’d be keen to hear them... for a few minutes I could kid myself I was in the Pyrenees and not in a cold damp garage!


I use mine on a Wahoo Kickr and mostly TrainerRoad software and occasionally replaying outdoor rides. If your Tacx works by adjusting the resistance automatically then it might be a case of checking that wheel circumference settings are correct in the software and your baseline resistance by doing the FTP test.

Changing to use the Trike, I use one lower gear just to reduce the calculated speed to be a bit more reflective of real world, this does not alter the effort.

I find, for the same wattage, my heart rate is lower now by some way. I expect this is because breathing is easier and the legs/heart relationship.
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