My bike in front of a lighthouse , how about your bike IFOAL.


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Came past St Mary's lighthouse north of Whitley Bay this afternoon but so misty you couldn't see it!


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At last, one of these "My bike in front of a........." that I can contribute to :smile:.


This was June 2011 at the start of my ill fated first attempt at cycling from the south west extreme of Scotland (Mull of Galloway lighthouse, pictured) to John o' Groats. The weather changed and I abandoned after day 2 :sad:. The bike is my Specialized Tricross, now on "loan" to my brother, because I couldn't bring myself to sell it. It got me back into cycling.

Fast forward to September 2018 and I undertook a sponsored ride from MoG to JoG, so no wimping out this time! In the meantime I had acquired a Ridgeback Panorama, and here it is at the same lighthouse....



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You can get all the way out to the lighthouse...

I have been out to it a few times but the tide was on the flood when I went, just an amazing morning watching the tide silently flooding the the muddy banks listening to the sea birds , a ship bumped in to it a few years ago and it had to be rebuilt, it didn't knock it down just nudged it a bit,that would be a bit of a insurance bill i guess.


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My grandfather lived for a spell as a young lad in Lerwick , so have always wanted to visit. Whether I would get away with hiring a bike and touring Mainland is debatable as the good lady might not be too pleased! Love the words on the bottom sign “ The route continues on Orkney”
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