1. ren531

    My bike in front of a lighthouse , how about your bike IFOAL.

    Had the first ride out this year on one of my old 3 speeds, after i cleaned of six month's of dust, this is Cockersands at the mouth of the river Lune any more lighthouses with bike's in front of them.
  2. biggs682

    Your bike in front of an anagram or palindrome

    Can't be many of these
  3. Lard Armstrong

    Can I replace my 105 5700 10 speed front mech with 105 FD-R7000 11 speed ?

    I need your help ! My 10speed front mech is on its last legs, but I cannot find a replacement with a 34.9M band. Will the 11sp 105 work ? Cheers!
  4. R

    Your bike in front of a World Heritage Site

    The big dish looking splendiferous in the evening sun tonight.
  5. rafiki

    Convert Brompton solid front axle to quick release?

    Is it possible? Has anyone managed to do this on a Brompton standard front wheel?
  6. R

    How tight should front brake retaining bolt be?

    Had an issue with the front brake, OK set up on the stand but after a short distance, would be rubbing one side. Applying the brake stopped the rubbing, but came back again shortly. Adjusting the centring screw seemed to make little difference. On investigation, the main retaining bolt...
  7. Dwn

    Squealing front wheel

    I'm struggling to work out why my front wheel makes a hideous squealing noise. It only does this when freewheels and is stopped immediately either when I pedal or lightly apply the brakes. This has come about after I installed new wheels which had been gifted to me. They were setup for thru...
  8. qigong chimp

    Front mech

    Anyone got a redundant braze on double front mech for 5/6/7 speed they'd be willing to part with for some sponds?
  9. Grant Fondo

    New wheels - swapping front rotor problem

    So, it was all going swimmingly, endpugs swapped over from thru axle to QR type, rear cassette and rotor on, but when it came to front rotor, got lockring hand tight but tool wont fit between lockring and endcap, so stuffed. Rotor wobbling about with max hand tighness. Any suggestions?, is...
  10. D

    Front rattle

    My Giant 2015 Defy 1 has developed quite a rattle which seems to be coming from the front and is very noticable when going downhill and over bumpy ground. I can't figure out if it's coming from the wheel or the headset? Any advice on how to diagnose, or are there any likely causes? I've never...
  11. Iainj837

    Front racks

    I am thinking of adding a front rack to my Dawes Galaxy It it best to have high level rack, which I assume goes above the front wheel or the low type which attaches just to the forks
  12. Lard Armstrong

    Which Bright Front Light Has a NARROW Beam?

    I have a shed drawer full of lights, but I cannot find one with a narrow beam, ideally helmet and bar mountable. Most have a What do you recommend?
  13. carlosfandangus

    SOLD..105 brifters, crank set, front and rear mech, also flat mount calipers.

    I have had a clear out!! nearly new 105 R7000 chainset, 175 mm cranks... only done 100 miles before I swapped to GRX, £70 inc postage. 105 5800 front and rear mech, £15 front, £15 rear, possibly 2000 miles. Flat mount calipers, front with finned pads, rear with un finned pads, never been used...
  14. russ.will

    Braze on front mech adaptors

    Hi, Am I right in thinking that adaptors to mount a front mech are universal with respect to the brand of front mech - I know I have to get the right size for the seat tube. I can't recall a frame with braze-on being manufacturer specific. It's a Campag Veloce front mech if it turns out it...
  15. N

    Various racks, front and rear.

    Old Man Mountain. For bikes with no braze ons and disc brakes. Well used but perfect working order. Blackburn rear rack. Tubus low rider. Rear rack which I dont recognize the name. More all rear. Example I can photograph others. Will try and remember to do so
  16. PeteXXX

    Your bike in front of a village sign

    Do we have room for another MBIFO thread? :laugh: Yeah, why not! MBIFO Great Cransley village sign, on t'other night's ride. :rolleyes:
  17. jay clock

    Difference between front and rear brakes

    I have bought a front and rear set of Shimano T610 v brakes with the cassette style brake pads. I can't see any difference between the versions other than the brakes shoes are mounted differently to avoid the pads shooting out Does that sound right?
  18. R

    Front brakes , what are they good for ?

    I was pondering the other day that in the last ten years I can't ever think of ever using my front brake, I've never even fitted a new brake pad, my rear brake stops me fine at any speed and if I used a front at any kind of speed I would go head first over the handle bars. The only use for it I...
  19. onb

    Campag Veloce Chain ring and front mech 10 speed

    Campag triple chain ring 170 crankset 50/42/30 the left hand crank is centaur and slightly different colour due to an unfortunate incident with a crank puller £25.00 posted...
  20. chriscross1966

    Campag braze-on front mech to shift 61/46?

    For reasons I won't bore you with I need to get a mech that will reliably shift a set of TA Specialities 61/46 rings. Becasue the rest of the bike is Campag it needs to be too (they're on an old 135BCD Chorus crank that I'm assuming is 8-speed, but I guess could be 9 (but it just has a shield...
  21. A

    [Sold]Weeride out in front child's seat

    The kids are on their own... (well followme tandem, which is frankly brilliant!) So the equally brilliant weeride is up for grabs £20 + P&P for a quick sale Any questions, just shout!
  22. Paulus

    Campagnolo short cage rear mech and front mech.

    1970/80's Band on Front, and rear Campagnolo mechs. £20 Each, or both for £30, plus £5 postage to UK mainland
  23. Icemanhgv

    Front light on a square tube

    Fitted a light bracket to the KMX
  24. middleagecyclist

    *SOLD* Tubus Tara Front Pannier Rack

    Great solid front rack from Tubus. A few cosmetic marks but no dings or bends. £60 retail but yours for just £30 inc p&p.
  25. Joey Shabadoo

    Front wheel vibration

    Did a quick search but couldn't see anything - my front wheel has developed a vibration, like I'm going over a bump once per revolution. It's quite noticeable and I'm a bit worried cos I'm going on a long (for me) organised ride on Saturday. I've just swapped back to 32c Gatorskins from my much...
  26. grellboy

    Front wheel clicking

    Bought some second hand wheels recently. Spin well and seem mostly trued, but when I went for first ride on them today there was quite an annoying rotational click from the front one. I thought it might be to do with the set up of the bike - catching on frame or brakes - so I then tried it on...
  27. Chris S

    How safe are UPVC front doors?

    A couple of nights ago somebody broke into my neighbour's house and stole is car keys and mobile phone. He said they prised his front door open with a couple of screwdrivers. Is this possible? It's a UPVC front door with multi-locking points, just like my backdoor.
  28. Andy in Germany

    Random idea for front forks.

    For various reasons too boring to go into, I've got a spare set of Chromoly front forks for a quill stem, 26" wheel. One of our kids bikes is a small framed aluminium fishtail. It's okay, but all the boys say the suspension forks raise the handlebars too high and make it a less comfortable...
  29. Johnno260

    Front derailleur

    On my way in this morning the chain hopped off the front crank, now I can’t get it to shift to the large crank. How do I adjust, sorry for the probably silly question but I leave gear adjustment to the pros usually. Edit: when I lean the bike over towards the side with the gears it’s will...
  30. HumpTdumpty

    Front Rack attachment / Suspension Fork

    Considering fixing a front rack onto my carrera Crossfire 2 hybrid bike - any suggestions Re fixings as the fork (see pictures attached) as no eyelets - but does have a bolt @ the bottom ? Also mudguard eyelet space available - apologies I’m a rookie don’t know the correct “bike terms” yet. -...
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