My commute was better than yours.....

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Not only was it pleasantly mild this morning, but as I rode down the cycle path through the back of the west Cambridge site a Barn Owl appeared flying down the field edge to my right. I slowed up and let it get in front of me. We spent the next 300 yds together, he was looking for breakfast, I had a smile wide enough to swallow a cow!

He stopped and hovvered for a second, then carried on to the corner of the field where he alighted on a fence post, turned and looked toward me, then flew off.

Never seen one there before, and probably never will, but I'll always look now...^_^


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Seeing as its Panto season , "Oh no it wasn't!" Bet that was brilliant to witness, I see the odd fox scowling at me


This happened to me before christmas, but in the dark with a bat playing in and out of my ridiculous CREE beam. A good quarter of a mile he was dancing in and out. Wonderful!


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Sounds great, I've had similar before with a sparrow hawk flying with me through Southampton common. Makes it feel very special and another reason cycling is nicer than driving.


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I was once lucky enough to have a white stag standing proudly in my path. I actually had to stop as it stood and looked at me, probably confused by my high vis jacket. After a few seconds he and a few other deer hopped the fence into the field beside . A very lucky sight to see.
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