My elbow hurts like %$*%!


New Member right elbow is very painful and I am wondering if it could be the cycling thats caused it as I havent done anything else that could have damaged it. ...I thought it might be the reach but if that were so wouldnt both arms hurt?

It's a pain in the joint, mostly on the outside of the arm...I've had a cold ice bag on it all evening but it still hurts.

.....being a mere male of course I need to suffer...make the most of it etc.....:thumbsup:
Cycling does hurt my elbows , has to be a long ride and it doesn't last long but definetly causes the discomfort.

Unless you are doing any other repetative arm movements :thumbsup: it most likely is the cycling.


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...I gave up the beer already lol!

...the Mrs has spoken ....apparently it is certainly a case of tennis elbow...not cyclist elbow but tennis elbow. I have been prescribed anti inflamatory cream and pills and given a programme of exercises including ball squeezing, which she said she would apply violently if I did not do as I was told.....oooh er...matron!
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