My first post here.


Just wanted to say hello for my first post.

I've been a bit out of touch with the latest forum events at C+ and elsewhere due to hospital confinement after a rather drastic cycle accident and am just having my first visit home since taking the OCR out on May26th.

On the mend now though but a while away from the bike again I think. I have put a little more information on the EE forum if anyone is interested, it was there that Chuffy pointed me in this direction.

Anyway, back to the Brain Injury Rehabilition Centre at Frenchay Hospital near Bristol tomorrow - apparently I'm a genius according to their psychoanalysts - doesn't explain how I got my to get my bike airborne though. Hope to be home for good soon.

All the best.

Hi vbc. Nice to meet you and good to hear you're on the mend. Keep us informed how you get on and drop into the cafe from time to time for a virtual cuppa if you feel like it.


Just to let you know that I've now been discharged from the hospital, which is good news.

Having spoken with the nursing manager at the Brain Injury Rehabilitation unit and one of the nurses who was looking after me in the Intensive Care unit after my surgery, I have been described as a very rare fast track recovery. The ICU were originally pessimistic about my chances of recovery and said that if I did make it, I'd be in the hospital for months, so it's nice to prove them wrong and get home within two months!

The doctor in the rehab unit also asked me if I wanted to see my MRI scans, pre and post treatment which was very interesting. Quite scary though to see the amount of blood in the left side of my head after the impact which was pushing my brain over to the right. Amusing also to see the matter of fact diagnostic comments attached to each scan.

The next thing I want to do now is to have a look at the cycling clothing that I was wearing at the time of the accident and which was cut from me in casualty. My wife brougt it home blood stained and just sealed it in a poly bag as she couldn't even bring herself to wash it. Can't remember what I was wearing but I'm pretty sure that I didn't own anything from Assos to get riuned!

Anyway, more recovery ahead. All the best.



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Ha! You are Richard Hammond, and I claim my five pounds!

Good to hear about the recovery. As for the clothing, well you have a choice. Either you take a look, and throw it out, or you have it framed... :tongue:
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