My First "Proper" Road Bike


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Wiltshire, UK
My new Secteur Elite

Just taken delivery of a 2010 Specialized Secteur Elite. Have upgraded from a Sirrus Sport that I loved, but my wife has nicked it! Went out for my first ride this afternoon, only 8 miles just to get used to it but was very pleased. Had a few problems with changing gear as this is my first experience with drops and gears that are not on the bars, no numbers anywhere!! so I spent a fair bit looking down to see which gear I was in, but I expect to get used to it fairly quickly.


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Excellent choice wilko,you'll quickly get used to the gears,do they have a little red line on the shifter to give you an idea what gear you're in? The Sport version does.


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I've had my Secteur for a week now, done about 100 miles so far, the gear shifting does get easier, although i'm still clicking up when i should be going down a gear or vice versa.
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