"My God you were restrained"

That's the comment I got tonight, never thought I'd ever hear that. At I has freewheeling down Dundas St at about 25mph, its a steep wide (4 lane) urban road in the primary position of the inside lane a car pulls out of a side road without seeing me or the two front lights (one flashing, one steady) and a high vis, I had to brake slightly but being in the primary position I was OK. Sticking to the stereo type about 40-50 yards later after accelerating he suddenly cuts into a parking space without indicating, with me immediately behind him (if an idiot cuts you up pulling out of a minor road, they nearly always pull off left into the next minor road/ parking space). I'm glad I was still in the primary position and it wasn't wet (started to rain 5 min after). Gave him a quick "that was clever you idiot" and moved on. 2 seconds later stopped at the next set of lights another cyclist who had saw the whole thing pulls up "My God you were restrained !".


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LOL, well done mate! I'm not sure I would have done as well as that.


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Yep, restrained, and well done.

But why bother getting too upset, that kind of driving happens all the time.

Better to ride well, enjoy it and get to your destination unhurt, than waste time shouting at pillocks.
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