"My hat saved my ... "


...well, not "life" really, "scalp" perhaps. Interesting poser: n.b. "hat" not "helmet". Cycling yesterday, I pass under low bramble: it's raining and I see it too late to duck. Neatly hooks the soft floppy hat I often wear (without chinstrap) and plucks it straight off my head. As I go back to retrieve it I admire the impressive thorns on the bramble. Two thoughts:
1. If I'd been hatless it would certainly have scored a deep, nasty groove in my scalp...
2. If I'd been helmeted it could still have penetrated one of the slots and scalped me; alternatively: hooked up and jerked my head back...
As it is, I come out unscathed. :ohmy:


Smutmaster General
If you wanna get ahead, get a hat:smile:
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