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Are they paying you to be a moving billboard?
twentysix by twentyfive said:
Bit dodgy wearing that jersey isn't it? Black is just not a "Be Seen" colour. :biggrin: Have your jersey by all means but don't wear it on the bike for your own sake.

I would think that it would depend on what the conditions are when you are riding. On a nice sunny day, this would be better than a light top as you would present more of a contrast.

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
I wouldn't wear that if it was given away and I will certainly not buy one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


dan_bo said:
When I was a kid there was a track on that album that made me burst out in tears every time I heard it. Dont know why, dont know what track it was.

My mate likes Rush. I nearly burst in to tears listening to them once - about eight minutes into a ****ing drum solo!


Bay Runner said:
Pleased for you lifeson
Has anybody found any Pink Floyd Cycling Jerseys, if not how about Katherine Jenkins xx

Loads of Floyd stuff, I have Animals and Atom Heart Mother (a moo cow on your shirt is pretty cool). Primal Wear are the main source but there are others, even the official Floyd merch site does one, just Google Pink Floyd Cycle Jesrsey.
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