My Magnatom Scream ;-)

Cycling through a mini rbt tonight when SMIDSY comes straight at me from the left, the video never caught much (if anything) but at least I know the audio works on the AT1! The quality and battery life is cr@p though!
At least the SMIDSY apologised and I got my sense of humour back when he said he nearly sh@t himself; you nearly sh@t yourself, I did!



This is the drivers view if he'd looked right ;-)

C'est La Vie or as I say in the vid Sh1t happens, hopefully he's learnt a lesson without anybody actually getting hurt ;)

I must have had the adrenalin up after according to the whole vid (obviously not shown) I completed the 16 mile ride after in an hour on the heavy, wide tyred hybrid in an hour and on the way back with my better bike I averaged 17.6mph (1319ft of climbing).
Pah! That was no Magnatom scream. By comparison it might as well have been a Brian Blessed impression.. ;)

ferret fur

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I don't think you will find that anyone believes you. You are obviously one of those socially disfunctional helmet cam wearers who makes things up just to grab attention. :tongue:
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