My new wheels


I was right about that saddle
No, I have not yet ordered a new Planet X. Instead I felt compelled to swap my Miche Excite wheels for something hopefully better,

My Miche Excite wheels feature:
1. Weight 2160g (Pair)
2. Cone/cup bearings
3. Aero blades


Which have a number of issues.
A) The cassette hub has some lateral play which I cannot remedy - I think the hub needs replacing.
B) I can never get the rear wheel to spin great, even after a strip down and re-grease.
C) They are just damn heavy
D) Rear has a slight buckle / out of true.

However, they have been bulletproof and have done about 5000 miles since I got them 2nd hand, last year for about £50. I will get the faults sorted so I can use them in the winter.

My newer wheels are Cole Rollen Elite's, which come on a lot of Raleigh bikes. I got them 2nd hand off EBAY this weekend for about £7o, which may or may not be a good price. But I wanted them.
They feature:
1. Weight 1570g (Pair) - Lighter, alot lighter
2. Sealed cartridge bearings (YIPEE!!)
3. Aero blades
and hopefully no cassette hub play.

I don't have them yet, but I am super excited!!!! There are some misgivings about the fact they come with an anodised rim (which wears off) and one or two people with spoke issues. For me, this is an affordable way to get a bit of weight off my setup, resolve the hub issues and get a better roll. They are certainly less blingy than the Miche's and I might even take the stickers off.


Fingers crossed.

UPDATE: Just ordered a 1.85 mm spacer as I am running a 9 speed and the hub is for an 11 speed. I hope this is right!.
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