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And mine's a Porch!

young Ed

if i had to have a bike from a car make it would have to be a land rover, not because it's a good bike or particularly pretty but because it's a landy and i'm a landy nut!
Cheers Ed

young Ed

Give it up Ed, we all know that jacked up NATO green L200s are the Tory redneck fourbie of choice.
no, no. alright so what if my boss drives about in an old T reg l200 but it's blue and pretty standard, apart form the odd custom dent and scratch and dog bite in the foam dash! (collies do get excited :tongue:) and given it's a great truck
but i'm a landy man at heart! from what i hear (from a mobile agricultural mechanic who has worked on both land rovers and l200's) the l200's are built mechanically much like a ordinary car with 4 wheel independent suspension and all sorts of other bits where as the land rovers proper truck build with a solid live beam axle front and rear etc etc makes them much nicer to work on
Cheers Ed


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L200 has a solid rear live axle, and independent torsion beams at the front which allow excellent articulation bit with more accurate axle location, and better steering manners on the road.

Separate chassis, just like a Landy. High level breathers which vent inside the chassis rails make it a much more durable wader than a Defender, and they have an extra 25cm wade depth over a stock Defender.

Add in the locking diffs that the Defender doesn't have, and a structure that isn't rusted to buggery in 5 years and it kicks the Offender in the nuts, flushes its head down the loo and steals its lunch money.

I've done the Land Rover thing for many years, and love them as I do I'll never go back now I've tried Japanese.
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