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Just had the letter to pay off the remaining balance of my C2W scheme.
Hopefully the job are doing it again this year. So I approached Mrs Vike as to the possibility of getting another bike and she said "Yes :rolleyes: ........if you can justify it :smile: .....to me! :sad:

So I get a yes, and I can justify it, well I can to me....it's justifying why I need another bike to her...She doesn't want my old bike stuck in the garage...and even "I'll use one as my winter bike and one as my summer bike" didn't work.
So come on help me out. Justification for another fixed or one of those namby pamby bikes with gears!

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"...oh my knees....better get some gears or I'll not be able to take you dancing soon...."


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What happens when your bike needs servicing? Having two should mean that you can fit the servicing in when it suits best, rather than having to do it "this evening" ready for tomorrow's commute?

If that doesn't work, try the shoes argument ....

"why do you need more than one apir of shoes?"
"because I do, ok?"

(well, works for them!)

And maybe work a way to keep no 2 bike well out of the way (at least to start with) to soften the apparent impact?

"A good investment" is another way, but be careful - if you say the original bike can be sold for lots of money, you may have to actually sell it!



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I'm getting a new bike on c2w this year despite buying one around this time last year (not on c2w)... I can justify it in my head, just as you can. Unfortunately the other half is not best pleased at the situation, so here are some of the things I said to try and calm her down.... some worked better than others!

1. It'll further increase my passion for cycling making me healthier and fitter
2. Think of all the fuel I'll save cycling to work.... (£20 + pw in my case) offset that against the c2w monthly cost of 50 quid(ish) tops and we're still quids in!
3. I'll justify the bike if you justify your... (delete as appropriate) irrational requirement of new handbags / shoes / clothes every month.
4. Mwaaaah I just want a new / better one! You Wouldn't understand (then storm off)
5. Cheaper to buy my bike than to maintain than YOUR car!
6. Doing my bit for the environment by commuting by bike - having a winter / spare bike makes it easier and me less likely to use the car. C2W may be £50 per month, but the environment is priceless.
7. You only live once, so devote your life to your personal enjoyment, not ruining mine!
8. I'll give you 50 quid a month to do what you like with! (Yes, I had to resort to buying her off!)

Good luck, brave warrior!


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I did the classic newbie thing. Last year I borrowed the wife's (unused) subway, liked it so bought a hybrid on C2W. A year in and I wish I'd bought a cross or a road bike. We've got our first kid due next month so can't afford a new anything. I've decided that the way I'm going to justify a cross/road bike when I finally get round to getting a new one (in about 6 months), is to turn the hybrid into a weekend bike. Stick some knobbly tyres and a child seat on the back and use it for weekend rides and maybe winter commuter then buy a Secteur/Tricross and use that as the main bike.
oliglynn - remember to include the cost wear to the car, costs aren't just in the fuel.

Have one setup for wet weather mudguards, extra panniers, extra lights etc, and one setup for summer no guards, no racks etc?

Do you only have 1 bike? If you have other old ones, agree to get rid/sell the oldest/least used etc.


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Time to be the 'Man of the House' Vike,put your foot down:biggrin:


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Hmm, it's when you get to 4 bikes (or more), and the 5th isn't going to be any different from one of the other 4... MTB - got 1, Road bike - got 2, fixed got 1......

One is not enough though, no way.....


You've saved £xxxx by not getting a second car or by avoiding train fares.

So in comparison, a new tax exempt bike is a small treat.


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I've got to 6 bikes and a tandem, in a victorian terrace, and now it's definitely 1 in 1 out. My bike room was turned into our daughter's bedroom 3 years ago. Although, I'm sure my SO hasn't twigged that I could build up 2 other bikes from all the parts I've got.
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