N+1 strikes a 2nd time in 10 days.

So, following my purchase last week of the Lombardia spotted by Biggsy on e-bay (picking up next week), I was talking to a good friend of mine and my wife about it (she sells a lot (non-bike stuff) on e-bay) and she piped up "my mum has got a lot of old bikes in her various sheds at home".

Quick trip over to "Mum's" and transpires that this lovely, elderly widowed lady had 9 bikes in a lean-to against her house. 5 were c1980's cheap bikes, but there was a c1970's Dawes 531 touring bike in need of some TLC, 2 1970s shopping bikes (Twenty and Puch) in reasonable condition and a c1940's bike in surprisingly good condition.

Then, in a second shed, there was a tandem (already blagged by our friend's brother, fair enough) and a lovely c1950's kid's bike, rod brakes etc.

Told my friend she needs to pull those particular bikes out, give them a good clean and look to sell.

She then said, "I don't think Dad put any bikes in the stone shed?" (her Dad passed away 13 years ago). She insisted on double checking this shed though, and among the many old lawn mowers and other old tools etc., hanging on the wall was a Bottecchia road bike! After telling her she REALLY needed to get this out, cleaned up and look to sell, I left, feeling I had helped.

Got home, and phone went. Friend said "Spoke to Mum, and both my brothers, and we are all happy if you would have that racer (quote), you can have it for free!"

This is a lovely lady, who myself and wife have helped over the years through some tough times, so perhaps there is some Karma in the world.

The bike does indeed need some TLC, but after a quick wipe down of the frame last night, checked the wheels (both spun beautifully), gears work fine, brakes slightly less so.....but the bike has been hanging in that same position our friend reckons, for minimum 15 years, possibly 20.

Those tubes won't pump up, surely....oh yes they did, and still fully inflated this morning. Unbelievable.

N+1 strikes again!



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@Toshiba Boy the picture is not showing


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Wow - lucky you!

You may know this, but if you wanted to revive that chrome, try crumpling a bit of bacofoil and dipping it in coke, then rubbing gently. Sounds crazy I know, but boy does it work.



(Pics from an ancient thread, and two seem to be missing for some reason...but you get the idea.)


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ooh very nice indeed love the colour mix
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