1. S

    Night Time Cycling advice

    I am after some advice on cycling at night. I enjoy cycling what I would call long distance usually between 30 and 50 miles during the day. But I would like to do a 30 to 50 mile round trip night ride. I know there are some advantages and disadvantages to this. I have a MTB which a always use...
  2. postman

    Time passes quick.

    Well I turned on the tablet after a reset,came on here and found a trophy for thirteen years,whoa.Then the next thing I get another trophy for fourteen years,is it 2023 already.Or has last year's been floating about in cyber space for twelve months.Anyway thank you for the trophy 🏆.
  3. gavroche

    Time to close the books.

    It is now time to reveal how far you have been on the bike in 2021. In my own case, from March to now, only 2187 kms which is a lot less than I would have liked but every one of them was a pleasure. 2022 should improve on 2021 I hope. Have a good new year every body.🍾🍾
  4. mpemburn

    Improvements and disimprovements over time

    A discussion of cup-and-cone bearings on another thread spurs me to examine those things that have changed over the many years I’ve been involved with bicycles (~1960s to present) in no particular order: Shifting: friction vs. indexed; down tube vs. bar-end vs. stem Brakes: rim vs. disc...
  5. Zipp2001

    Time for The Cake Eater Studded Tires

    Now this was a great way to end a four-day holiday weekend. Put the Terrene Cake Eater Studded Tires on the bike the day before, because of all the freezing rain we've had. Went out to a trail network that I visited for the first time a little over a month ago. Did plenty of climbing and just...
  6. P

    Does it sound/feel different to ride on a trainer for the first time?

    So I finally got the right tool to install the new cassette, and I got the bike hooked up to the trainer for the first time. Should it feel or sound any different than it does off the trainer? I just got the bike last spring, so I'm new to this. Never used a trainer before. I'm sure I can't...
  7. Accy cyclist

    Time for a new mini twin tub

    I remember posting about buying one about 3 years ago, but I can't find the thread to revive it. Anyway, my slightly used/pre-loved :rolleyes: mini/portable twin tub stopped spinning the other day. I got it for half price due to (I think) it being used once then returned to the seller. I need a...
  8. Ming the Merciless

    Christmas Eve film - Record Attempt for West Highland Way

    For your viewing pleasure View: https://youtu.be/9ZVAbtKgPYk
  9. stephec

    I've seen Angie's big baps for the first time in years, residents of Norwich might already know what I mean.

    Between 1998 and 2005 I used to travel down to East Anglia regularly for work and always used to have a schoolboy snigger when I reached the outskirts of Norwich, as in a lay by on the A47 was a bugger van called Angie's Big Baps. Not having been down there for years I was pleasantly surprised...
  10. G

    Falling asleep on the train ( it’s that time of year )

    Went out for a few beers last Friday with a work colleague , we went to watch Brentford v Watford and he fell asleep on the train ! £50 Uber back home ! Just spoke to my nephew and he told me he fell asleep and saw farms and stone cottages out the train window ! Ended up In the cotswolds ( lives...
  11. gavroche

    Night time habits of your pet.

    Every night, usually between 9 and 10, Molly first stand in front of my wife and stares at her for a bit as she knows it is bed time as Mrs G always goes to bed first. Then she walks to the fridge and waits for her treat , usually a piece of ham, before coming back to me . I have to take my...
  12. Spiderweb

    Garmin Edge 1000 - How to change the time?

    I’ve never had to change the time on my Garmin when UK clocks go forward/back as it usually does this automatically, unfortunately this hasn’t happened this time and the clock is an hour out. Does anyone know how I can change this? Thank you in advance.
  13. fossyant

    When was the last time you......fell off your bike ?

    Last week, just two commutes ago. Climbing a 270% very steep, very wet cobbled climb on the canal - front wheel washed out. No damage done, just swearing. Before that, just a few weeks prior - lost count of the number of minor falls at Penmachno - fun though. Lying upside down, unable to get...
  14. Arrowfoot

    Anyone has or had a Time Scylon

    Where in the UK you bought it from? Any views?
  15. Spiderweb

    Time Road Pedal & Cleats **NOW SOLD**

    These TIME road pedals & cleats came with some shoes I recently purchased, they look to have had very little use and are in very good condition, the bearings feel silky smooth. £22 posted, Payment by PayPal friends & family or bank transfer please.
  16. PeteXXX

    Belated Friday night music is: Time and being early or late

    Friday night music is Time and being early or late..
  17. Fab Foodie

    Double-vaxxed and CV19 for the second time?

    My Daughter had CV19 soon after the start of the Pandemic in the UK, early part of the first wave. Since then she has been double-vaxxed and now has contracted CV19 a second time (LF and PCR positive). Appreciate the vaccines are not 100% Anyone know how common an occurrence this is? Clearly...
  18. gavroche

    2022 TdF on Thursday at 10.30 am UK time.

    The route for the 2022 TdF will be revealed at 10.30 am this Thursday. You can see it live on the Tour de France website.
  19. Cathryn

    No time to die....with spoilers!

    Seriously...there may be spoilers so don't read on if you haven't seen it.
  20. J

    Its Ryder Cup Time

    Anybody watching from 1pm today for the foursomes??
  21. Smokin Joe

    Gardeners Question Time

    What is this crap, and how do i get rid of it? Looking for a pet safe chemical if such a thing exists, something organic or home brewed. I've cut it back but the roots are b'stads. Perhaps @mudsticks can help?
  22. P

    Rolling Stone top 500 songs of all time

    They’ve just revised the list. Some surprising choices, but it seems generally pretty solid… https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/best-songs-of-all-time-1224767/
  23. taximan

    Time for a new front mech

    I think its about time to replace my front mech, but I am a little puzzled over the clamp size. I measured the seat tube at 33 mm but the only size I can find near to what I require is (copied from ad) 34.9mm Clamp With Shims For 31.8mm Size (Can Be Removed) Will this do the job or should I keep...
  24. glasgowcyclist

    Right place at the right time

    A cyclist had a very lucky escape when he crashed and was thrown over a bridge parapet into the river below. He was riding solo on a 186-mile ride when it happened and an RAF nurse in her garden caught a glimpse of something red flying over the bridge. If it wasn’t for her, he likely would...
  25. grellboy

    25 mile time compared to 10 mile TT

    Tonight I did my local 10 TT, recording a reasonable time (for me), with an average speed of 22.3 mph. On Monday I did a 25 mile effort - on mostly the same roads but not under TT conditions - with an average speed of 21 mph. 1.3mph difference between 10 and 25 miles is a bit disappointing isn't...
  26. winjim

    Once upon a time in Shaolin

    The iconic Wu-Tang Clan* album has been resold for an unknown price after the US government confiscated it during the prosecution of utter bastard Martin Shkreli. I wonder which utter bastard has it now? View: https://twitter.com/fordm/status/1420094926671470592?s=19 *Well, RZA and...
  27. swee'pea99

    Just back from my first time on my bike in two & a half years

    Not 'my touring bike', which has been serving as my bike for about the last two years, nor 'my carbon', which has been out for the occasional run, but 'my bike'... ...which I've been unable to ride since smashing my hip on it in in January 2019. Must admit I was a bit nervous - my muscles...
  28. cyberknight

    Time to find a new club ?

    My current club has been running for 3 years now starting from a few riders on a sunday and morphing into around 20 riders on a saturday in various rides . I have led the sunday ride for a few years but it has always been hard to get more than 3-4 of use whereas a saturday they are fighting for...
  29. gmw492

    First time tubeless

    Just taken delivery of my new Giant TCR , as you know they come tubeless set up , gonna try the tubeless set up out with the stock wheels for a few rides , anyone recommend what to take out with me.? Is it worth investing in Stans Dart or Dynaplug repair kits or any other recommendations like...
  30. Jenkins

    Time to replace this wheel?

    The rim seems to be a little bit more worn than I thought!
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