1. RoadRider400

    Certainly time for selling

    If you have any +1s you dont need prices are getting a little silly. Just seen one of these on Ebay currently at £340 with a day left. I wonder if it would have reached this price if the seller mentioned the model enabling buyers to identify the age and original selling price. Obviously there...
  2. Dave7

    My vegetable casserols are improving each time.

    This one was by far the best. Bear in mind I like it thick.....I do not like it watery. Any veg you have. This time I used potato, leek, carrot, onion, celery and some ginger. 3 oxo cubes for the stock. Hendersons Relish. Bit of pepper Pinch of salt Worcester sauce 2 bay leaves. Into the slow...
  3. Polocini

    It took a long time but I recovered a stolen bike!

    I've written up a few words about recovering a stolen bike last year. Maybe if you've ever had a bike stolen you'll be interested? https://www.polocini.com/blogs/news Mods - this links through to what was a business website. Apologies if I'm breaking any rules. I definitely don't have...
  4. johnnyb47

    Time to get those slime tubes fitted

    It looks like it time to get those slime tubes fitted fellow cyclists. Reading the welsh newspapers there seems to be a spate of people scattering drawing pins on popular cycling routes. There certainly an inconvenience to cyclists, but don't these morons stop and think what grief they may...
  5. Moon bunny

    A complete waste of time?

    Hover fly has just spent the afternoon working out a table showing how long his shadow should be, from the height of the sun and his own height, for various times of day, 2 metres underlined in red.
  6. davidphilips

    Hopefully some time soon.

    When lock down ends and the pubs reopen. View: https://www.facebook.com/arnaud.landgren/videos/10216948783091158/UzpfSTEwMDAwMTQ4MTU1MDc1MzpWSzozMDA2NjQzNDI2MDQxMjk2/?multi_permalinks=3006653019373670%2C3006643426041296&notif_id=1588019636084667&notif_t=group_activity
  7. MontyVeda

    Where have all the April showers gone? ...long time passing

    Sorry for the ear worm... but what's happened to the April showers this year?
  8. M

    Giro 2019 - Simon Yates - 2nd time trial

    Hi, I’m just watching the Eurosport highlights re-run of the 2019 Giro and reached the 2nd TT. Was it ever revealed why Simon Yates had such a ‘slow’ (!!!) time? Many thanks.
  9. Dunbar

    Time to hang up my frame and maybe flog it.

    I am 81 years old now. In 1965 I bought my present bike, from Frank Dyke's shop in Winson Green, Birmingham. He told me the frame was a Major Nichols frame. Research leads me to believe it might not be, but it is certainly in his 'style'. I can't see why Frank Dyke would give me a line, because...
  10. betty swollocks

    Converging speed and reaction time.

    Even on deserted country roads one meets tractors and quite a few at the time of year. Last week I was descending a narrow lane lined with high hedges. I don't know my actual speed, but I would estimate it was about 30 mph. A huge tractor with wide wheels came up the other way taking up most of...
  11. BalkanExpress

    When you have too much time...

    This is what happens when you spend too much time on-line looking at bikes.
  12. Salar

    New kitchen time

    I'm ripping out the old kitchen in our new place. I've fitted B&Q kitchens in the past, not bad really, but backup hopeless. Homebase years ago were pretty good too. Wickes I've seen some dodgy carcasses from them. As we have a trade account our last two kitchens have been from Howdens, put...
  13. Huff n Puff

    Westerley Spring Crits 4th April & Summer Midweek Time Trials- Closed Roads at Hillingdon Circuit

    Entries are now open for Westerley Spring Crit races on 4th April. Men Cat 4, Men Cat 2/3 and Women 3/4. DETAILS HERE: http://www.westerley.cc/racing/road-races-and-crits/spring-crits/ ENTRIES HERE: https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events/details/223096/Westerley-CC-Spring-Crits And the ever...
  14. annedonnelly

    Home baking - am I wasting my time?

    If I have visitors or go out to someone's house I always try to take something home baked. Rather than buying a cake or biiscuits in a shop. I'm not the world's best cook & there's nothing fancy about what I bake but I've a few reliable recipes. A recent conversation with a friend (I usually...
  15. Rusty Nails

    Thread has run its time! How is decision made?

    We have just had a thread 'Person of Colour" closed after four days. We have 25 pages of live threads in the N&CA sub-forum, many of which have not been replied to in more than 2 years so presumably their legs could be said to be gone. Who decides if a thread, other than one which descends...
  16. Brandane

    Land line; is it time to dump it?

    Like most other people, I suspect, I stopped using my land line phone many years ago. I only kept my land line so that I have broadband internet access and used my laptop for accessing the internet. I am now finding that I use the laptop less and less, as most of the functions that I used it for...
  17. Arjimlad

    New chainring time..

    I think it's time to pop a new chainring on this but I am having trouble making sure I obtain the correct one. My chain's slipping again despite being within 0.5 and 0.75 on the wear detector, and on a new cassette too. A new chain is on order. It's an 8-speed Claris transmission with an FSA...
  18. Twilkes

    Glasgow time trials

    I'm not really into group racing but looking for a few time trials to train for in the next few months - is there a website where such things are listed in one place? I've tried searching for local events but it's really hit and miss and most results seem to be things in the past or private club...
  19. Leodis

    Looks like I am off the bike for a long time

    hey folks, I have been off the bike mostly due to a new job but with some gravel this year but max 500 miles compared to my usual 6k, I decided to get back on it come New Year and enjoy what I always have done which is been on the bike. Late last month I thought I had pulled my groin but the...
  20. clid61

    MEN Website First Time

    corry Went online hoping for some news about trains trams etc . What a load of crap, Insensed Corry watchers bleating over some shoot . How Man U and Man City are dealing with shoot . Who the hell pays people to publish this crap ?
  21. Richard A Thackeray

    No Time To Spare

    :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: https://emergency-services.news/?p=4974&fbclid=IwAR1wVvMh7q0Yl_5y8GO2QLO46n_BET4JaYTMVzUZO8OnaDoVVjWmnyNQUc8
  22. Oliveriles

    Fishing Expedition 50k - Bristol -15th March 2020

    Event title: Fishing Expedition 50k Event date/s: Sunday 15th March 2020 Event location: Bristol Event organiser: Audax Club Bristol Your relationship: Organiser - oliveriles@gmx.com Cost of entry: £6.50 plus £3 for non members Minimum sponsorship: None Beneficiary: Jessie May Trust - Proceeds...
  23. Elybazza61

    New bike(frame) time ;Ridley Kanzo Adventure custom

    Just delivered today my new Ridley Kanzo frameset; Paint is custom option that Ridley do, (you can have a play here;https://www.ridley-bikes.com/customize-your-bike/#/) Still some decisions to make(ie 1x or a front mech) but will have Ultegra RX di2,Halo wheels,some Hope and Genetic bits...
  24. PMarkey

    First time trial on a trike

    I did the Lincoln Wheelers CC (Tricycle only ) 10 Saturday my first time riding a time trial and had a thoroughly good time ^_^ Only managed 32:41 but considering the total amount of preparation was taking the Carradice off and swapping the Brooks for a Charge spoon (big mistake,way to grippy)...
  25. gavroche

    That time of the year is coming fast!

    And by that , I mean winter is on its way and the weather is deteriorating so are your cycling outings slowing down? Mine are, I don't go out cycling as much now and pick my days more carefully due to bad weather and less daylight hours as I won't cycle in the dark. In a few weeks time, I guess...
  26. Pale Rider

    Brompton waiting time

    A tentative Brompton inquiry gathered the news that waiting time for a custom Brommie is currently 13 weeks. Longer than usual, a bike ordered today might not arrive before Christmas. My Brommie dealer, who professes no inside knowledge, wonders if the delay is caused by Brexit. I hate to...
  27. johnnyb47

    Its nearly getting time to get the Mountain bike out again

    Hi, After a great summer of road bike riding its now getting ever closer to getting the MTB out again for the winter months. My road bike is always kept in perfect condition and spotlessly clean and the thought of getting it caked in filthy country lane winter muck is not for me. The Mtb on the...
  28. goo_mason

    Back after a loooong time away!

    I'm not exactly new, as I was once a long time member and moderator - but circumstances meant that I got so little time to visit the site a few years ago that I handed in my sheriff's badge and moseyed on off into the wilderness. And there I remained - until today. For today is the day that I...
  29. Dave7

    Flourescent tube taking long time to 'come on'. Whats the reason?

    Its a 4 foot tube in the garage so gets plenty of use. Must be 10 years old (so owes me nothing). Lately it is taking a long time to warm up (if thats the phrase). Do all flouresent bulbs have starters ? If so is it likely to be bulb, starter or both ? Its that long since I touched I cant...
  30. Spartak

    Time Atac Cleats

    Does anyone have a set of Time Atac cleats they don't use anymore. My daughter has started using cleats & I now need another set. I'm loathe to buy a new set in case she doesn't get on with them.... :okay:
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