1. CyclePikel

    Hi all! Lurker here! Time to get stuck in.

    Lifelong casual cyclist, commuter/seaside/offroad/general fitness fan. I make myself cycling accessories. They are usually hi-viz and often have reflective features. My bike and I can be seen from space, which is how I like it.
  2. Cycling_Samurai

    Is it time to change those chain rings?

    https://road.cc/content/feature/when-should-you-replace-your-chainrings-and-cassette-256420?amp I haven't worn out a chain ring yet. I've upgraded mine before it's gotten 3 months old. Well not my current road bike. I'll consider it when my cassette is worn. Been wanting to complete the...
  3. sabcycling

    Less Screen Time, More Bike Time

    Hello all, thought I'd share my theory about some issues I've faced over the past few months and how I'm hoping cycling might help. Maybe some of you can advise / comment / give me some feedback and share if you can relate? I'm 25, no health issues thankfully and currently stuck WFH. I've loved...
  4. MontyVeda

    Living in a vehicle full time... serious replies please :)

    A friend of mine, soon to be evicted due to landlord selling up, has decided that he's going to live in his estate car to save money... personally i think it's hare brained plan... especially in the middle of winter and in a national lockdown during a global pandemic. Not to mention the fact...
  5. postman

    First time.

    Sara Cox on the valve wireless,named today as Christmas Eve Eve.In all my 70 years I have never heard the phrase.
  6. P

    Real time ethical dilemma.

    We live in London - From midnight Tier 4 No foreign travel allowed from Tier 4 We are due to fly from Gatwick (not in Tier 4) to Madeira on Tuesday. (Edit: Booked in early Summer, hoping things might be resolved, fully covered by insurance, no financial loss if we cancel because of Tier 4...
  7. Brandane

    N+1 time (again; oops!).

    Found this for sale not too far from home, so I'm off to pick it up later (assuming it's as clean as it looks and all is legit.). If it looks familiar, it's because I already have the orange version of the same bike! Crazy? Maybe, but I have plans to swap some parts around and turn one of...
  8. Maherees

    When's the best time to buy a new or nearly new bike?

    I can see bike prices are still pretty high not least due to the shortage, so what might happen in the new year? Will, they start to normalise? Will, there be an excess of bikes on eBay etc and people discover that riding is not really for them?
  9. C

    Signs of wear and tear that mean time to replace parts....

    Lets start with the obvious, but feel free to add more. Brake Pads. I started to ride seriously in May and in August I changed the front pads as they were loosing the separate bits of the block ( but some definition, maybe 0.5mm remained). I was amazed by how much stopping power the new pads...
  10. Proto

    New Shed Time

    Need a decent garden shed, ( £100 🙀) mainly to clear all the junk from the garage so I can make it into a bike haven. So, help me out, please. I’m thinking 8’ x 10’, windows on one side, door in one 8’ end. Questions: Do I go for pent or pitched roof? Single width or double door? Anything...
  11. rockyroller

    is it time for a new chain lube thread?

    with all this chatter about cleaning, is it time for a new chain lube thread? stopped by my LBS & asked for some & was offerred this. in both spray & drip form. interesting that the drip product also came with a straw the writing is too small to read but I believe it's a dry lube w PTFE which...
  12. biggs682

    Should Anton be a full time strictly judge ?

    Quick question do we all think that Anton Du Beke should be a full time strictly judge ? I certainly think he should be after sitting in for Motsi.
  13. Proto

    Is this normal for this time of year?

    We’ve got a small Magnolia tree in our garden and Im a bit surprised to see buds forming. Is this particularly unusual? Admittedly we’ve not had any really cold spells yet, (Aga is on but central heating isn’t) but seasons do seam to be out of sync.
  14. S

    Friday Night is Music Night: Time

    Sorry busy, back soon, I must do some work now the rain has stopped...
  15. Sunny Portrush

    Time Trial on BBC iPlayer

    All about David Millar's attempt at a final Tour de France and focuses on his past too. It's a bit arty-farty with loads of slooooooooooo mo and blurry footage for some reason. Also, one minute he's in the Giro, the next the TDF. I quite enjoyed the peleton footage tho and Cav's a bit of a laugh
  16. alecstilleyedye

    time to quit the hills?

    having been commuting 68km a day pre-covid, i decided to join my local club again to try and get the miles in. i’ve done 3 hilly club runs, and have been knackered for even the next day after each. i was also constantly getting dropped (although the group always waited atop the climbs). i...
  17. oreo_muncher

    Audax start time

    Im doing an audax on sunday and it says it starts at 9:30am but do I have to be there before that time? If I was late e.g. I got there at 10am, can I still do it? Only because the event is 50km away from me and my Mum was meant to drop me off there but now cannot and there is no early enough...
  18. Andy clarke

    It’s been a long time....

    Hi everyone! it’s been a long time! However I’m still shielding, (kidney transplant a few years back) I currently have a boardman hybrid! Very light! Now don’t laugh! it has hydro brakes. id like to swap the flats for drops! Is it possible? Bearing in mind I’m not being paid at the mo! Can I...
  19. Dogtrousers

    Time Gaps

    When the TV shows a time gap in the race, what does it mean? For simplicity lets assume there are only two riders in the race, A and B. A is in the lead and has a time gap of 2 minutes. I guess that means that A passed the point where B is now 2 minutes ago. This means that anything that...
  20. Zipp2001

    Time to find a new home.

    Can't believe it's only my second ride of the year on the old TT bike. The two local club time trails have been gone for years and I don't do anymore ultra distance racing. So after pulling her out of the bike cave and going for a light rolling 23 mile ride, I realized I need to find her a new...
  21. A

    When is it time to get a new bike?

    How do you decide when it is time to get another bike? After how long of using your current bike do you get a 2nd bike?
  22. Venod

    First time in about 35 years

    That I failed to unclip from the pedal, it was strange, I unclip with my left foot its a natural thing after all this time, today I couldn't unclip, I didn't panic and uncliped my right foot before the junction. I had cycled along a road that had been resurfaced, you know the type, they just...
  23. HMS_Dave

    How To Get Free Electricity In Pre-1980's! Not A Scam!

    Like many, in the 80's when living with my parents, we had a pre pay meter for Electricity which we used to have to insert 50p to make electricity happen in your house. The cunning bastards at the electricity board would lock up the 'safe' in your house and install a tamper proof seal in it to...
  24. JhnBssll

    Home improvements - time the house had some TLC!

    We had our house on the market for around 7 months last year and for one reason or another the right people didnt walk through the door, so we're still here. Rather than sit on our laurels we decided to put a planning application in, to see if we could make the house work for us for a while...
  25. gunja99

    First time installing new tyres

    Just wanted to post to say done my first tyre swap with "folding" tyres. Strange getting those out of the box and on the rim, but didn't need any levers to get the new ones on. It's that they're flat, very strange. Actually took a while to find the rotation mark on the sidewall (it's only on one...
  26. ianbarton

    Time for a New Tyre

    Schwalbe Durano Plus finally worn through to the blue plastic layer. Replacing it with the same type of tyre. I think it's about 5 years since this one was replaced. The only thing that defeats them are blackthorn hedge cuttings, but they will puncture almost anything.
  27. Willd

    First time in 7 years

    I commuted quite a bit in 2012 & 2013, but since then for various reasons I haven't. When things are "normal" my daughter swims every day and my son does various other things, so I provide a permanent taxi service.:rolleyes:. Anyway I managed 2 days this week, 2 were wet and I pick up shopping...
  28. livpoksoc

    Proabably not the last time anyone asks about Tubeless...

    But after a frustrating ride this evening where I had all seasons of weather, but feeling great...my Garmin froze, I ended up off course. Had 2 punctures I successfully changed by the side of the road, only for the gas bulbs to let me down and I had to call the wife out to collect me. So now I...
  29. Zipp2001

    Time for a mini suffer-fest

    The grand buddies came over for a fun 8 mile trail ride today. Jack is six and Ave is five, and they are still getting used to there new bikes. It was a nice warm one and I thru a little curve ball at them with a new type of trail. They had such a blast and of course ice cream at the end of a...
  30. Ollie W

    Gravel/relaxed road for £1000-1100 at the worst time for bike buying...

    Hi all, frequented here in 2013-14. Back then I had a Boardman CX Comp that I loved and rode all the time, until it was nicked. Fast forward to 2020 and after a promotion at work I've applied for a £1099 voucher for Cyclescheme because I miss cycling so much and it makes sense for me to get one...
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