1. Twilkes

    Glasgow time trials

    I'm not really into group racing but looking for a few time trials to train for in the next few months - is there a website where such things are listed in one place? I've tried searching for local events but it's really hit and miss and most results seem to be things in the past or private club...
  2. Leodis

    Looks like I am off the bike for a long time

    hey folks, I have been off the bike mostly due to a new job but with some gravel this year but max 500 miles compared to my usual 6k, I decided to get back on it come New Year and enjoy what I always have done which is been on the bike. Late last month I thought I had pulled my groin but the...
  3. clid61

    MEN Website First Time

    corry Went online hoping for some news about trains trams etc . What a load of crap, Insensed Corry watchers bleating over some shoot . How Man U and Man City are dealing with shoot . Who the hell pays people to publish this crap ?
  4. Richard A Thackeray

    No Time To Spare

    :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: https://emergency-services.news/?p=4974&fbclid=IwAR1wVvMh7q0Yl_5y8GO2QLO46n_BET4JaYTMVzUZO8OnaDoVVjWmnyNQUc8
  5. Oliveriles

    Fishing Expedition 50k - Bristol -15th March 2020

    Event title: Fishing Expedition 50k Event date/s: Sunday 15th March 2020 Event location: Bristol Event organiser: Audax Club Bristol Your relationship: Organiser - oliveriles@gmx.com Cost of entry: £6.50 plus £3 for non members Minimum sponsorship: None Beneficiary: Jessie May Trust - Proceeds...
  6. Elybazza61

    New bike(frame) time ;Ridley Kanzo Adventure custom

    Just delivered today my new Ridley Kanzo frameset; Paint is custom option that Ridley do, (you can have a play here;https://www.ridley-bikes.com/customize-your-bike/#/) Still some decisions to make(ie 1x or a front mech) but will have Ultegra RX di2,Halo wheels,some Hope and Genetic bits...
  7. PMarkey

    First time trial on a trike

    I did the Lincoln Wheelers CC (Tricycle only ) 10 Saturday my first time riding a time trial and had a thoroughly good time ^_^ Only managed 32:41 but considering the total amount of preparation was taking the Carradice off and swapping the Brooks for a Charge spoon (big mistake,way to grippy)...
  8. gavroche

    That time of the year is coming fast!

    And by that , I mean winter is on its way and the weather is deteriorating so are your cycling outings slowing down? Mine are, I don't go out cycling as much now and pick my days more carefully due to bad weather and less daylight hours as I won't cycle in the dark. In a few weeks time, I guess...
  9. Pale Rider

    Brompton waiting time

    A tentative Brompton inquiry gathered the news that waiting time for a custom Brommie is currently 13 weeks. Longer than usual, a bike ordered today might not arrive before Christmas. My Brommie dealer, who professes no inside knowledge, wonders if the delay is caused by Brexit. I hate to...
  10. johnnyb47

    Its nearly getting time to get the Mountain bike out again

    Hi, After a great summer of road bike riding its now getting ever closer to getting the MTB out again for the winter months. My road bike is always kept in perfect condition and spotlessly clean and the thought of getting it caked in filthy country lane winter muck is not for me. The Mtb on the...
  11. goo_mason

    Back after a loooong time away!

    I'm not exactly new, as I was once a long time member and moderator - but circumstances meant that I got so little time to visit the site a few years ago that I handed in my sheriff's badge and moseyed on off into the wilderness. And there I remained - until today. For today is the day that I...
  12. Dave7

    Flourescent tube taking long time to 'come on'. Whats the reason?

    Its a 4 foot tube in the garage so gets plenty of use. Must be 10 years old (so owes me nothing). Lately it is taking a long time to warm up (if thats the phrase). Do all flouresent bulbs have starters ? If so is it likely to be bulb, starter or both ? Its that long since I touched I cant...
  13. Spartak

    Time Atac Cleats

    Does anyone have a set of Time Atac cleats they don't use anymore. My daughter has started using cleats & I now need another set. I'm loathe to buy a new set in case she doesn't get on with them.... :okay:
  14. Racing roadkill

    About time too

    https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/17829660.police-want-cyclists-hand-footage-drivers-making-dangerous-passes/?action=success#comments-feedback-anchor Hampshire police have launched a close pass reporting initiative. Good, they may be a bit busy for a while though:laugh:
  15. Toshiba Boy

    N+1 strikes a 2nd time in 10 days.

    So, following my purchase last week of the Lombardia spotted by Biggsy on e-bay (picking up next week), I was talking to a good friend of mine and my wife about it (she sells a lot (non-bike stuff) on e-bay) and she piped up "my mum has got a lot of old bikes in her various sheds at home"...
  16. woodbutcher

    Two birds....one stone :

    This put a grin on my face , hope you like it as well ^_^
  17. Zipp2001

    Time to dust off the Laser engraver.

    Well the owner went and bought out an engraving company about a year and a half ago. He had no plans just got a good deal and bought it. So I'm getting sick of walking by it and figured it was time to knock off the dust. So I started playing around with some ideas the last couple of weeks to...
  18. Milzy

    Borrowed time.

    Look at my rear Conti 5000 TL after maybe 1500 miles. Would that have been a pinch flat with a tube? I’ve probably had too much pressure in rather than too little. The only real bangs I can recall are from the Fred Whitton cattle grids back mid May. I will be buying IRC from Japan next.
  19. 2pies

    June/July - bad time to buy?

    Sadly, my beloved road bike was stolen yesterday. I did the London to Brighton ride and left it locked outside a pizza place that I had a quick lunch in. It was literally 5 metres away from me and despite glancing sideways every couple of mouthfuls, some charmer was able to cut the lock and be...
  20. PeteXXX

    Random musings of a first time tourer.

    Random thoughts that came into my mind as I pedalled, and camped, the length of the country. ~~ You really don't have to take everything with you. Other places have shops, too. Not all villages have shops. Get stuff when you can. Tins of food with no ringpull are extremely annoying if you...
  21. cyberknight

    Spotted that one just in time .

    Checking the seatpost height on the carbon today i decided to check it for play so undid and the alloy seatpost was stuck . Cue a liberal dousing in wd 40 to get it loose and a bit of yanking and found the paint had been ground off and scratches on the post . If i had left it much longer i...
  22. Yellow Fang

    Time for another Linux thread

    I have now installed Fedora on my PC. I thank you :thanks:
  23. Richard A Thackeray

    New Bike (Not Me, This Time, Though!!)

    Picked up 'Senior Managements' new bike today I'd offered to buy her one, as she'd started using daughters (10+ year) old Apollo to ride about on, as part of a fitness/weight-loss regime She even rode to her Office on it 3 times!(1) Rather cunningly, as I've bought it, & she's not paid...
  24. biggs682

    Shorter Ex time trial bike

    It's time for me to sell my lovely Shorter no 3277 road bike . It's a 21 3/4" or 55cm square frame with a standover of 31 1/2" or 80 cm and is set for me at 5ft 10" in the pictures . Frames is full Reynolds 531 incl forks and rear stays in original gold paintwork and chromed front forks ...
  25. MontyVeda

    What time is it?

    All of my 'devices' are set to automatically set the time. My PC is currently showing 19.45 Mobile phone number one is 19.47 mobile phone number two is 19.46 which one is correct? :blush:
  26. cyberknight

    Wasting my time ?

    As you may know i changed clubs about a year ago to a club that initially had a good number of riders o a sunday and a good atmosphere . Over time numbers on the ride have tailed off so most of the time its only me who shows up after spending time planning routes , cafe stops etc ...
  27. antnee

    Squeaks From Time Xpresso carbon iclic Pedal

    After Some few trips with these Pedals Iv'e one of the pedals squeak ( Its the left one which is my stronger leg) Anybody with these pedals knows that there is quite a lot of lateral movement in the cleat to pedal and if I turn my foot slightly found it disappears Which I thought would be...
  28. Zipp2001

    Time to log some road miles.

    With the temps in the 40's and 50's lately and the trails not in the best riding conditions, the road bikes are starting to get some miles in. Just having fun playing on some hills lately and working out a calf issue. Even though I've been switching to more trail riding I still very much enjoy...
  29. Smokin Joe

    Old Time Rock & Roll

    How it used to be before the big money came in, this will put a smile on anyone's face - View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o73wGBjb20c

    Anyone know of Phone network which will keep talk time for ever ?

    Hello All, I'm sure I could have worded the question better but do any of the phone networks still do pay as you go in the old style ie: I put £10 on the phone and it lasts till I use that talk time rather than I automatically lose it at the end of the month ? I 'm looking to put an emergency...
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