1. O

    Audax start time

    Im doing an audax on sunday and it says it starts at 9:30am but do I have to be there before that time? If I was late e.g. I got there at 10am, can I still do it? Only because the event is 50km away from me and my Mum was meant to drop me off there but now cannot and there is no early enough...
  2. Andy clarke

    It’s been a long time....

    Hi everyone! it’s been a long time! However I’m still shielding, (kidney transplant a few years back) I currently have a boardman hybrid! Very light! Now don’t laugh! it has hydro brakes. id like to swap the flats for drops! Is it possible? Bearing in mind I’m not being paid at the mo! Can I...
  3. Dogtrousers

    Time Gaps

    When the TV shows a time gap in the race, what does it mean? For simplicity lets assume there are only two riders in the race, A and B. A is in the lead and has a time gap of 2 minutes. I guess that means that A passed the point where B is now 2 minutes ago. This means that anything that...
  4. Zipp2001

    Time to find a new home.

    Can't believe it's only my second ride of the year on the old TT bike. The two local club time trails have been gone for years and I don't do anymore ultra distance racing. So after pulling her out of the bike cave and going for a light rolling 23 mile ride, I realized I need to find her a new...
  5. A

    When is it time to get a new bike?

    How do you decide when it is time to get another bike? After how long of using your current bike do you get a 2nd bike?
  6. Venod

    First time in about 35 years

    That I failed to unclip from the pedal, it was strange, I unclip with my left foot its a natural thing after all this time, today I couldn't unclip, I didn't panic and uncliped my right foot before the junction. I had cycled along a road that had been resurfaced, you know the type, they just...
  7. HMS_Dave

    How To Get Free Electricity In Pre-1980's! Not A Scam!

    Like many, in the 80's when living with my parents, we had a pre pay meter for Electricity which we used to have to insert 50p to make electricity happen in your house. The cunning bastards at the electricity board would lock up the 'safe' in your house and install a tamper proof seal in it to...
  8. JhnBssll

    Home improvements - time the house had some TLC!

    We had our house on the market for around 7 months last year and for one reason or another the right people didnt walk through the door, so we're still here. Rather than sit on our laurels we decided to put a planning application in, to see if we could make the house work for us for a while...
  9. gunja99

    First time installing new tyres

    Just wanted to post to say done my first tyre swap with "folding" tyres. Strange getting those out of the box and on the rim, but didn't need any levers to get the new ones on. It's that they're flat, very strange. Actually took a while to find the rotation mark on the sidewall (it's only on one...
  10. ianbarton

    Time for a New Tyre

    Schwalbe Durano Plus finally worn through to the blue plastic layer. Replacing it with the same type of tyre. I think it's about 5 years since this one was replaced. The only thing that defeats them are blackthorn hedge cuttings, but they will puncture almost anything.
  11. Willd

    First time in 7 years

    I commuted quite a bit in 2012 & 2013, but since then for various reasons I haven't. When things are "normal" my daughter swims every day and my son does various other things, so I provide a permanent taxi service.:rolleyes:. Anyway I managed 2 days this week, 2 were wet and I pick up shopping...
  12. livpoksoc

    Proabably not the last time anyone asks about Tubeless...

    But after a frustrating ride this evening where I had all seasons of weather, but feeling great...my Garmin froze, I ended up off course. Had 2 punctures I successfully changed by the side of the road, only for the gas bulbs to let me down and I had to call the wife out to collect me. So now I...
  13. Zipp2001

    Time for a mini suffer-fest

    The grand buddies came over for a fun 8 mile trail ride today. Jack is six and Ave is five, and they are still getting used to there new bikes. It was a nice warm one and I thru a little curve ball at them with a new type of trail. They had such a blast and of course ice cream at the end of a...
  14. Ollie W

    Gravel/relaxed road for £1000-1100 at the worst time for bike buying...

    Hi all, frequented here in 2013-14. Back then I had a Boardman CX Comp that I loved and rode all the time, until it was nicked. Fast forward to 2020 and after a promotion at work I've applied for a £1099 voucher for Cyclescheme because I miss cycling so much and it makes sense for me to get one...
  15. J

    Newbie - Think it time to replace chain. What size and what do I need.

    I am new to cycling, and currently ride a carrera subway 1 (8 sproket / 3 front). I have no problems at all with gear change, and all is running well, but I have just bought a chain gauge which shows the chain is at the 1% mark. I assume this means I now need to replace the chain. What chain...
  16. Landsurfer

    Time to leave the cleats alone ??

    I had an accident on Saturday .... no one else involved. I'm an Engineer. So going over the accident in my head it is clear that the cause was my delay / inability to release my right foot from my cleat. According to many of my cycling peers it was an accident waiting to happen. I ride a road...
  17. Dave7

    OK.... time to 'fess up to your most cringeworthy moment(s)

    One that often springs to mind is when we stayed a night at a private hotel mid way down France. We had intended to eat there but the restaurant prices were crazy so we decided to eat what we had in the bedroom. Minibar was also stupidly expensive so we opened our own red wine...........which...
  18. S

    time machine

    My bike is a time machine I start my rides as a 58 year old grump then iam 11 years old again no bills no taxes and what fool invented work iam jack Hawkins on the compass rose roaming the Atlantic looking for fritz my mate is called that on account of his pudding basin haircut if it rains that...
  19. RoadRider400

    Certainly time for selling

    If you have any +1s you dont need prices are getting a little silly. Just seen one of these on Ebay currently at £340 with a day left. I wonder if it would have reached this price if the seller mentioned the model enabling buyers to identify the age and original selling price. Obviously there...
  20. Dave7

    My vegetable casserols are improving each time.

    This one was by far the best. Bear in mind I like it thick.....I do not like it watery. Any veg you have. This time I used potato, leek, carrot, onion, celery and some ginger. 3 oxo cubes for the stock. Hendersons Relish. Bit of pepper Pinch of salt Worcester sauce 2 bay leaves. Into the slow...
  21. Polocini

    It took a long time but I recovered a stolen bike!

    I've written up a few words about recovering a stolen bike last year. Maybe if you've ever had a bike stolen you'll be interested? https://www.polocini.com/blogs/news Mods - this links through to what was a business website. Apologies if I'm breaking any rules. I definitely don't have...
  22. johnnyb47

    Time to get those slime tubes fitted

    It looks like it time to get those slime tubes fitted fellow cyclists. Reading the welsh newspapers there seems to be a spate of people scattering drawing pins on popular cycling routes. There certainly an inconvenience to cyclists, but don't these morons stop and think what grief they may...
  23. Moon bunny

    A complete waste of time?

    Hover fly has just spent the afternoon working out a table showing how long his shadow should be, from the height of the sun and his own height, for various times of day, 2 metres underlined in red.
  24. davidphilips

    Hopefully some time soon.

    When lock down ends and the pubs reopen. View: https://www.facebook.com/arnaud.landgren/videos/10216948783091158/UzpfSTEwMDAwMTQ4MTU1MDc1MzpWSzozMDA2NjQzNDI2MDQxMjk2/?multi_permalinks=3006653019373670%2C3006643426041296&notif_id=1588019636084667&notif_t=group_activity
  25. MontyVeda

    Where have all the April showers gone? ...long time passing

    Sorry for the ear worm... but what's happened to the April showers this year?
  26. M

    Giro 2019 - Simon Yates - 2nd time trial

    Hi, I’m just watching the Eurosport highlights re-run of the 2019 Giro and reached the 2nd TT. Was it ever revealed why Simon Yates had such a ‘slow’ (!!!) time? Many thanks.
  27. Dunbar

    Time to hang up my frame and maybe flog it.

    I am 81 years old now. In 1965 I bought my present bike, from Frank Dyke's shop in Winson Green, Birmingham. He told me the frame was a Major Nichols frame. Research leads me to believe it might not be, but it is certainly in his 'style'. I can't see why Frank Dyke would give me a line, because...
  28. betty swollocks

    Converging speed and reaction time.

    Even on deserted country roads one meets tractors and quite a few at the time of year. Last week I was descending a narrow lane lined with high hedges. I don't know my actual speed, but I would estimate it was about 30 mph. A huge tractor with wide wheels came up the other way taking up most of...
  29. BalkanExpress

    When you have too much time...

    This is what happens when you spend too much time on-line looking at bikes.
  30. Salar

    New kitchen time

    I'm ripping out the old kitchen in our new place. I've fitted B&Q kitchens in the past, not bad really, but backup hopeless. Homebase years ago were pretty good too. Wickes I've seen some dodgy carcasses from them. As we have a trade account our last two kitchens have been from Howdens, put...
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