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I have had a recurring frozen shoulder for years so don't normally take a lot of notice of it, it comes and goes and isn't particularly disabling. A few weeks ago I woke up with a really painful, stiff neck, and the pain upon any head movement radiated through my shoulder and down my arm. Things have eased a bit and the pain is more localised now. The neck pain is still bad and the shoulder pain seems to be deep in the arm pit and my hand often feels like a limb "gone to sleep". This is most uncomfortable when cycling. As I said this has been going on for several weeks so I suppose I really ought to go see the doctor. I think there is probably a trapped nerve somewhere along the line so the doctor wont do much, physio takes months to be seen (I don't have the means to go private) so has anyone, preferably someone who has had similar so knows what they are talking about, any suggestions as to some sort of exercises that may help.

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Hi Chilly
It seems like you've got a problem previously unmet in CC's collective experience. I can't help you either (although I ripped my brachial nerve last summer so have some idea of what you're suffering :blush:) but I have a friend who's a practitioner of Bowen technique. He's always said that this is the only thing which fixes a recurring frozen shoulder. I can't comment but Bowen is one of those slightly iffy alternative techniques which conventional medicine disregards. However, my friend does have many very satisfied patients, one or two of whom I know personally and they are adamant that Bowen was what sorted out a long running problem where physio only gave temporary relief. I guess a major problem from your point of view might be that AFAIK it's not available on the NHS but it is usually cheaper and shorter treatment period than physio.


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Ah...get thee to a doctor.

You'll need an MRI of the spine and shoulder to get a proper diagnosis, and an EMG test to check the nerve operation. I've had all three, just takes a while to get booked in and get results.

My problems are RTA related, but I have similar pain in arm and shoulder.

Your's sounds like impingement - i.e. tendons/nerves are being compressed causing the shoulder freezing, and related pain.

Off to the GP for investigations
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