need a bike asap help please

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So I live in Chicago and i have been checking to see if theres any good bikes..I only have 200 bucks and I am a student who needs a road bike to travel around Chicago.. I was wondering if you guys could give me a hand, what brands to look for and I believe that maybe height matters.
I am 5'9 and weigh 130 pounds I am athletic

i saw this bike and was wondering if it could fit me and if it's a good bike. I don't know anything about bikes. If you guys see a good bike on craigslist please let me know. Thank you!!! :smile:


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I also heard the lighter, the better


Hi there,

Most of the folks here are UK based so it might be trickier to help out with US only brands and local suppliers etc. Not meaning to wind anyone up by recommending another forum - but might have some specific Chicago members that could recommend bikes and second hand (used) suppliers.


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Nice cycle city Chicago. Spent a day cycling there back in March. Drivers were far more courteous than in the UK. Good luck with the bike hunt, seem to be all sorts on the roads so you should get a reasonable second hand one.


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Welcome to the forum Chava. The bike you linked to looks good. One thing to be wary of at 5ft 9 make sure the stand over height OF 31 inches is not too high for you. Idealy you should be able to stand astride the top tube and pull the bike up into your crotch at least one inch. If you cant stand astride the top tube you will be able to ride the bike but could hurt yourself in an emergency stop situation.
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