Need help with pannier racks, front and rear


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My wife and I are looking to do some tandem touring and need help on choosing the correct pannier racks. Our bike is a Cannondale Tandem 29er.
The wheels are 29x2.1
Hydraulic disc brakes
There are 2 screws on each side of the rear fork for a pannier rack (see attachment pics with arrows)
Front fork does not have rack screws.

I have seen a set of front pannier racks that bold on with a skewer and a clamp around the fork. I think that one may be simple.
as for the rear pannier racks, I have seen some that look like they would work, accept for the with. The ones I have seen are 8 inches and 6 inches wide. I measure 7 inches wide on our lower rear rack screws. I think I need a rear pannier rack that is 7 inches wide and 15 inches tall.

not sure what else I should know about choosing the proper racks but any other info that could help would surely be welcomed.


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You could contact Canondale and see what they suggest about suitable racks.
Take the bike into a bike shop that is touring oriented and see what they advise.


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I am not convinced that what you identify as a rack mount on the lower part of the seat stay is actually correct. I think that is a mudguard mount and the rack mount is lower on the drop out.


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In the second photo the arrow points to lower fixing screw, not sure if that is right. In the forth photo it looks like the screw just above the derallier is the one to fix a rack. as for width, look at Topeak rack for disc brakes it is wider and comes with adjustable legs for hight
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