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I've recently bought a new bike. I like it, but as a commuter find it just a little harder to ride than my last bike, I think owing to the fact I had 26 x 1.6 tyres before and the new one came with 26 x 1.95 mountain bike tyres. This is because the bike I had stolen was a sports hybrid and the new one a comfort hybrid.

Anyway, having checked my bicyle rims, a bright yellow sticker tells me the size tyres that the wheels will take range from 1.5 to 1.95 .

I'm therefore going to buy some 26 x 1.5 tyres.

The thing is, I'm a novice when it comes to these things. I buy bikes, use them, take them to a mechanic if something goes wrong. I don't have a clue about tyre companies or what are particuarly good or bad for certain situations.

So can I have some suggestions please. I'm probably looking for something with lowish rolling resistance.

The other thing, will I need new tyre tubes or will the current ones suffice.

Thanks in advance for any help


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For commuting, I would go for something with decent puncture protection like the marathon plus


I have Michelin 26x 1.5s on my commuter/hack. They are indestructible and will probably outlive me. The rolling resistance is very low, and they have enough tread to clear the water on a wet road ride and cope *reasonably well* with muddy towpaths.*

Normal MTB tubes work fine with them.

*No road based tyre is very good in very muddy conditions. If you want real mud performance then fit Massey Ferguson ShiteGrippers and put up with them being nasty on the road.


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The city-jets (or michelin citys) suggested above will make a real difference over knobbly tyres. If you are staying on good surfaces then the water clearing ability isn't that important ihmo. You aren't going to aquaplane so it shouldn't really matter too much.

Look for something with minimal tread and puncture protection. :ohmy:
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