Need some routes in Scotland!

Sam Kennedy

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Me and my friend are planning to do a 3 day tour:

Day 1 - 40 miles ~3 hours since it's a hilly route, probably leave at 4pm, get there at 7pm, camp until the next day

Day 2 - 50 miles around Scotland, this is where I need your help

Day 3 - 40 miles back home

I have planned my route up to here:,-2.47261&sspn=0.027375,0.090895&ie=UTF8&z=16

Does anybody know of a nice 50 mile loop from there which will bring me back to the same point?



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There is an absolutely lovely road from Hawick to Newcastleton, so I'd take the A6088 to Hawick, the B6399 from Hawick to Newcastleton and then head back from Newcastleton to your starting point on the B6357 via Saughtree and the A6088. In all this route is around 60 miles.
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