Never mind how old we actually are...


Guest old do you think people are on here from what you feel, how they post etc...

To start with once I talked with Aperitif on the 'blower' - well he is a cockney rebel :biggrin: (vocally eloquent actually) and sounded about 35 orso !....


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Abitrary is about 20 going on fourteen, Bonj about 31, I am, according to one venerable poster, 10. :biggrin:
Cor! I would have put you down for at least 11, Dave5N.

Yenrod, I say old bean, that was a spiffing post (unlike RT's spliffing posts) nominating my vocal age...just top hole old boy, top hole. :evil:

I use young words and childish thoughts...:ohmy::biggrin:

Grey is the new blond. (grey where visible)
I'm 21 but feel 74.
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