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Hi all,

just a quick introduction , i am new to the world of road bikes after many years on cross country mountain bikes,

i have been using a family members Trek Alpha which i am enjoying and now want to purchase my own road bike.

Looking for some advice i will be using this for alot of things group rides, solo training to keep fit and building the miles up as i wish to compete in races over the coming months.

I am also doing the london triathlon so will be looking to use it for that.

I am looking to spend between £750-£1000 and looking for the best bike for my funds.

I have gone to a local cycling shop and know what size frame i need but to be completely honest been a novice to the road side of things the guy went into so much technically detail he just confused me even more.

any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated.




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Hi & :welcome: @rhodri27

1st up, what is your height & inseam ?

Might help us find a good one that will fit.

What frame size has been recommended & what have you already looked at ?

If buying by cash or card, it is possible that a 2014, or even a 2013 bike will get you a better return for your £££.


What is the name of your local shop and what brands does it do? Not all brands size their frames identically so it's not a one size fits all situation, but if we know what brands you've got available we can start looking at geometry charts etc!

As you are not that experienced I would definitely avoid buying online this time around, even though you can get much better bargains that way. Worry not: £1000 gets you a cracking road bike these days even if at full RRP and a 2015 model.


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i am 5,11 i have a leisure lakes and an evans store near to me and also a local one called eastgate cycles gloucester.

Advised a 56 sized frame.

I am 5,10 and and I have 56 frame and is perfect, so you'd be OK too. With the budget up to £1000 I would visit the LBS. In our LBS for around £1000 I would get Trek Domane 2.0T (£900) and some earlier version of Trek bikes (Trek 1.5C - £750, Trek 1.2C - £650, Trek 1.1C £575). In our LBS if you buy a bike for over £800 you'll get a free bicycle fitting too.


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hmmm i just assumed this was the case? I will certainly look into this option as well.

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