New bike - approx £1500 ????

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I'm going to come into approx £1000 - £1500 in the near future and would like to invest it in a road bike that will be lighter and maybe higher quality than my existing Fausto Coppi Torino.
Has anyone got any ideas please ? I'm considering a number of options , Cinelli Man Machine , Wilier Mortirolo , not sure what other options I've got .


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I recently bought a Wilier Mortirolo (Veloce) with an upgrade to Racing 5's for £1,440 form Epic Cycles. Love it.

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£1500 is a very workable budget. A good LBS should be able to give you lots of options from a number of different frame builders, componenets and wheels. From all the options you should be able to choose which are your priorities. They would also include a fitting service and advise you which frames would fit you better than others. Where do you live? I'm sure people would be happy to tell you where you can get a decent service.


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The Wilier is a great bike, and I speak from experience, if you can stretch the budget a bit, then go for the Centaur Gruppo. The Cinelli Man Machine looks great, but the ride is a lot harsher than the Wilier IMO.

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Have you thought about frame and parts build up? If you're not confident enough to build yourself, your LBS will happily do it for you. It may cost a little more, but if you buy off the shelf, you invariably end up being not 100% happy about saddle, wheels, tyres, bar width etc and swap them out. Always better to make your own choice IMHO.


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Yep, worth mentioning that 2007 model bikes are now being discounted by the big online retailers. Not exactly a LBS experience, but plenty of bargains falling into the £1,500 price range.



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my condor acciao, steel frame, veloce GS, vento wheels, custom fit, came in at £1100. a snip.


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I have a 2007 Wilier Mortirolo Centaur which I am thinking of selling. Please see here for pics:

Let me know if you are interested, I should warn you that it will not be sold with the wheels, pedals or saddle pictured, but I have the original (and barely used) Fulcrum 7's and saddle. The bike has done a fair few summer miles but all in good weather and is in near mint condition. Only reason I'm considering selling is to fund an upgrade to a Pinarello Prince. Let me know if you are interested, if you're in London then I'm sure we could arrange a viewing!
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