New bike for commuting.


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also available in orange
I can't comment on that exact model but I bought the 8 speed version which I've taken out on a couple of rides over the weekend.
Not sure what you're used to at the moment but it's a different beast to my road & CX bikes. It's a smooth ride, although initially it feels a little odd having so much weight at the back of the bike due to the hub gear. Brakes are really nice once you've got them setup properly, my experience with only having 8 different gears is limited so far but there was only a couple of occasions when I couldn't find the right gear to suit my cadence, you may not have that problem having the extra three gears though.
One thing though, don't expect to go anywhere quickly though, it's a weighty old beast. think of it a grand tourer, not a hot hatch.



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The spec looks mouth watering in its mix of practicality and 'quality'. If it rides only half as good as it reads it should be stoating. As Outlash says, likely not a flying machine, but for all day all weather practical real world hauling it looks very pleasant.


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Hi Peter88,

Unfortunately I've not ridden the exact Genesis Day One Alfine Di2 2014 model that you've found but I have ridden the model that sat directly below it in the 2014 range being the Day One Alfine 8. I was lucky enough to be able to borrow this bike and use it on my 20 mile round trip commute and was very impressed with it!

Admittedly although I've been riding for about 25 years and have plenty of miles under the belt I've never actually owned many bikes because I've made them last. I've had two Raleigh MTBs that I had in younger life and used both off road and for 100 mile plus road rides although I appreciate that they weren't the best tools for the job I was young and that didn't bother me. Since the two MTBs I bought a secondhand Trek 7.1FX hybrid from a friend who was emigrating and I've used that ever since. Apologies if this seems like I'm going off thread but I just thought I've put this as background because my view of the Day One Alfine doesn't come from an extensive history of having ridden road or CX bikes but I can only speak about what I thought of the Day One.

To me on my commute I'm not racing anybody and my priorities are something with comfort that could take mudguards and a rack plus I'm seeking internal hub gears. I know they'll be a lot of arguments for and against hub gears but for me on a commuting bike the weight is not as high a priority as other features. I found the hub gears with bar end shifter easy & comfortable to use and the gear ratio was more than enough for my commute in a flat part of the country although if you're going downhill I ended up spinning without another gear to change to but in the end I stopped worrying about this and just relaxed on my commute and freewheeled for a moment without trying to hit 30mph plus on a downhill in morning rush hour traffic.

Anyway I don't have an extensive knowledge base from riding tonnes of bikes but for me I really liked the Genesis Day One. However they'll be lots of other people out there with greater experience of bikes than me who will be able to offer you other thoughts. Although I don't think that it's the Di2 version the Genesis Day One Alfine has appeared in other posts such as the ones below:-£1-000-or-less.171993/

I'm still saving up for my next bike but the Genesis is very much on my shortlist.

Good luck finding the right bike for your commute!

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