New Bike or Upgrade question?

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From a few posts over the last couple of months you may have gathered I need a lot of work doing on my bike (wheels, chain, chainset, cables) that my bike shop seem to think is going to come close to, if not over £200 including labour. (The bike shop are keen not to do the work until as late into winter as possible). Yesterday had to nip into the bike shop for another reason and the owner of the shop dealt with me and was trying to decide if I should get a new bike or upgrade this one. My Dawes Saratogo cost me £250 originally. He eventually decided that it would be a better bike than another £250 bike. (And that I would have to change over my tyres, mudguards, pedals, and rack - not impossible of course).

Since leaving the shop, I've been thinking, and the idea of a new bike is tempting ... but not at this time of year. So rather than upgrading the bits that need doing, do I just go with bottom of the range stuff instead as a fix for now. The bike could see me through the rest of the winter and then I could pass it on to my eldest daughter (almost the same size as me - about an inch shorter), who we bought (before we understood anything about bikes) a really rubbish bike from Toys R Us:blush:;):blush:. She isn't into cycling, so only uses it a couple of times a year when all the rest of the family are on bikes.

Currently I haven't got the oppertunity to buy a bike using a "Bike to Work" scheme, but I'm hoping that it might be available later this year. Do I understand that you have to buy from somewhere like Halfords, or can you buy from LBS's?

I would be looking to buy a bike somewhere in the £400/500 region. (Which would hopefully come with better wheels etc). It gets locked up, and knocked too many times in all areas of Bristol to get anything nicer.

Has anyone any comments/suggestions on the above?
To spend over £200 doing up a £250 bike does'nt seem like a good idea to me ? How much of the £200 is for labour ?

Have a look in your local freeads type paper and see if you can pick something up to get you through the winter until your bike to work scheme kicks in



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I would definitely go for the new bike, if you have a £400/500 budget you will really notice the difference. As to where you can buy on a "Bike to Work" scheme rather depends on how the scheme is set up. Generally you have to buy through an agreed supplier and that is decided in part by who ever sets up the scheme at your work place. There is more information given here

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Buying the new bike seems to be the best option, but if you're going to continue with the existing one through the winter you will still need to maintain it so that you will not be let down when it's needed. If you're going to pass it onto your daughter then getting it fixed with fairly good spares will not be wasted money IMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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